Part Of Winterbreak

Boys out at the farm!

Just a little Hello from a slower paced day.

I stopped to chat at the lower end, and was met on the way up by this sight.

young boy walking horse
It took my oldest three tries to get her halter on right – then he’d handed her off to little brother

She’s such a superstar with this particular handler.  Walking nice and slow, and most definitely didn’t give a concussion with her head, which, if you’ve been around for a while, know can happen.

young boy horse trainer
They don’t meet very often, but when they do, she’s always perfect for him.

He has figured out how to use the cross ties.  Takes a little while to get it all set up.  She’ll wait for him.

boy handling large horse

Gandolf, on house arrest for days on end from a hoof abscess.  Valiosa has been sauntering around in his large pasture instead – eating the winter grass, brush, moss, and most anything that isn’t tied down.

stall rest with hoof abcess
He’s lucky to be back out now! Happy!

Gray mare tried out her turn on the forehand again.  She can do them SO well now, and feels all smug and cool about herself with it.

turn on the forehandLast few days of this year.  Let’s make them count!

7 thoughts on “Part Of Winterbreak

    1. I just love it! This little guy was part of it all from the start, even though they don’t meet very often. Our first trail walks, where she wasn’t even properly “broke” (no real steering at all.) he held a lead rope, walking next to us. Not that he could have done anything if she set off, but it really helped her. I love to see how she acts around him 🙂

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  1. Miss Valiosa has mom pegged. Your son, he’s golden. He doesn’t make her go in circles with all this fancy dressage stuff like mom does (lol). 🙂

    The girls are back at practice. First show is in two weeks at the National Western.

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