2017 Is Here – What’s In It For You?

We’re already 2 days in to it!

Do we even dare to say aloud what we wish for this year?  Those things we hope will happen.  Do all of us really even know what it is we want?

I have a lot of hopes, convinced this is going to be a great year!  Then of course you never really know at all how it’s going to turn out.

black and white photo of horse and rider

For sure, I know this blog will continue.  Reporting back on the snail pace of the training and other horsey things at least 2 -3 days/week.

Slow progress, because I do my mare’s training by my self, and I’m boarded at a sweet quiet, small, barn.  But she’s doing great and I simply can’t wait to see what new things she’ll learn this year!


Main Goal for 2017 – Solidify her more at 1st level, making it smooth and beautiful with seamless transitions, and a bit increased strength from behind.  I’d love to move her up to showing 1st Test 2 and 3 before she turns 6 at the end of July.  It would be really cool to get there earlier too!

I also know, not so much a goal, it just happens, the sometimes punky attitude here on the blog will continue.

punky attitude horseClearly visible in us – both managed to look punky here at the same time.  Doesn’t feel all that important to me; never taking a wrong step or trying to appeal to everyone.

What does feel important is to read some of your wonderful blogs on the days when there’s finally some extra time.  I love to read the updates, knowing you’re also out there carrying on with your horses.

Thank you for being there, and thank you for making time to check in on us!

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14 thoughts on “2017 Is Here – What’s In It For You?

    1. She’s becoming one cheeky mare, that’s for sure. Fits my bill I suppose 🙂
      Lately she’s really shown me that unless I sit absolutely perfect, and give her a “space to go”, she won’t go. At all. A perfect teacher – can’t make her do anything, she “allows.” Punk!


  1. What have we done, you ask.

    We’ve had three days of training at the RRC indoor practice arena – good sessions. Two hour interview with local media (TV station) talking about our riding, future of equestrian sports, etc. Tomorrow, Fri, part of Sat will be hunkering down for winter. Sun/Mon is final cert by our vet for Lilith, Captain Andrew, SAM, and Happy Girl. Next Tue/Wed are practice days. Next Thu is check-in day, next Fri night (Jan 13) is our first event. Following Mon (Jan 16) is Grand Prix day.

    More serious now … I’ve looked at all of your riding pics. No more frowning during practice. I’m serious now. Miss Valiosa is picking up on when you tense up when in the so-so sections. She sort of knows what you want in those sections. In essence, don’t raise or lower your expectations – keep them at the same level. When Valiosa senses you are more confident (even if she’s doing it all wrong), she’ll be more confident. It’ll make for going through those so-so sections easier and easier for her to respond to your aids and prompts.

    Like Tom said above, get out and win in 2017. Elizabeth is notorious for saying no more excuses. Work on what you need to work on – no more excuses. 🙂

    Ride well,

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    1. An active week! Amazed how you can all keep it up in the winter freeze!
      I know a LOT of planning goes in to it all. Of course, having a support system helps, but it’s still up the the individual rider to muster up the energy and Gung Ho to keep everything on track (as well as competing) in the dark of winter. Great job with that – and congratulations on the interview! So exciting, and I love it that local news will feature Equestrian Sports – we need more of that! Awesome.
      Now the frowny faces, they’re all concentration. Not so much tensing up, purely focusing intently. So that we can breathe in sync, or something like that 🙂 But yes, time to buckle down and work on what we REALLY need to work on!
      Fingers crossed for last practices before next weekends show!


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