Early Friday Morning

california winter pasture frost


Half the town

still sleeping

Just frost, no fear.

Shhh, Colorado, all Canadians

can you hear?

This is California weeping.

frosty pasture

frost on grass in pasture

frozen grass photo

Halter-Frost happiness, short-lived.  Valiosa rolled yesterday, in an ordinary spot, but got cast up against a concrete planter.

frozen halter with frostBecause she is a wonderful, trusting creature, she waited calmly for me to get there before getting up.  And cutting her leg.  Today she was lame.

33 thoughts on “Early Friday Morning

    1. I hope so too. We’re having a rain storm of a LIFE TIME, coming in tomorrow. High winds and incredible amounts of HARD, pounding rain for two days, and then continuing. Of course I’m worried about her… The scratch is small, but she looked so wonky this morning on the lunge. I hope it’s mostly because the hind boot pressed where she was sore, and that it’s just a minor, 2-day bobble. No heat or swelling, so I just sort of do deep breathing over there 😉 … Thanks Anne!!

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    1. Thank you! Knock on wood – she hasn’t had any serious injury ever since coming to me, just minor bumps and scratches. I worry just as much Every time!
      We’re hunkering down today and tomorrow. Scary amount of water coming…
      I hope you, the horses, and all the other critters will stay safe.


    1. Yeah… She’s managed to give her self a permanent scar above her eye, from repeatedly pushing her head through a smallish opening. We had to block it off with a piece of wood in the end. They are pretty amazing…
      This time, I think she was just SO eager to roll, she just dropped immediately on the grass, and promptly flung her hind legs up against the flower bed planter. Ugh!!
      She looked SO wonky on the lunge line on Friday 😦 I thought maybe she’d warm up and realize she was OK, but nope… She’s on complete rest for 2 days now and then we’ll see…


    1. And it’s STILL raining as I’m reading this 😉 Hoping everyone is staying safe where you are. We have flood warnings, and I’m watching the small creeks in our little neighborhood swell and swell…

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        1. Glad to hear you’re all good, but wow, 5 inches! I think the barn area got a little over 4, in what seemed like just 10 hours, and it’s ALL swampy.
          Personally, I’m just like you, thrilled to have rain. Moss. Grass. Air with moisture!
          But in a barn environment, argh, it causes problems. Little picture coming up tomorrow AM.

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    1. Yeah, she’s a really smart girl, and usually doesn’t get into much trouble. But I still worry, since the wound was so absolutely tiny (and NOT a puncture wound, I saw the exact piece of concrete she scraped on) and yet she was obviously hurting the next day. If she’s anything like my kids, she’ll heal in just three days though 🙂

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