California, A Bit Flooded…

You haven’t missed this, right?

After three years of serious drought, we’re soaked in rain in N. Cal!  Old, withered trees, barely hanging on from no water for so many years, are falling down in all sorts of inconvenient places.  Some barns have had to evacuate their horses due to flooding.

Mostly, everyone sounds safe though, but we’re happy to get a break this weekend.

The grounds at our little farm are holding up OK, if you don’t mind swampy…  The front pasture has an enormous new pond installed – complete with ducks swimming around in the back yesterday.

flooded pasture in californiaThat’s the top of the fence line you’re looking at.  Wading out a bit, it’s looking  really unsafe in the middle – the white fence post tips are only sticking up 2 inches or so.

flooding in california pasturesFor comparison, here’s the same pasture fence, on the other side.

fence post heightStay safe!  And yes, I still rode.

16 thoughts on “California, A Bit Flooded…

  1. A barn near my house had an entire row of post and rail fencing fall down yesterday. I imagine that it just couldn’t stand up to the ponies pushing on it to nibble grass on the other side after the ground was so soaked! Stay dry!

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    1. I know, right!!!? We need it so bad. As of today, Sacramento is over double the normal amount.
      I think we’re going for the Irish look over here! Complete with swamps, gnarly fallen trees, and endless stretches of green!


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