How Many Years Have You Been Writing?

Starting in on year 4 with A Horse For Elinor.

How much Horsing can any one take, really?  A lot it seems, because ever since the beginning of 2014, the blog has gone strong.  How fun!

sour horse
Valiosa, ecstatic to be in the spotlight for over a year…

Countless ways available for social media overdose – my greatest appreciation  for your minutes spent here too!

Time to give back!

Next post:  A “How-To Horse-Blog” special , with Do’s and Don’ts.

Probably with some toes stepped on.  And maybe some punky attitude.  Like usual then.

It will be worth a read I promise!  (You know, since I’m a blog expert and all.)

how to write better blog posts
Of course “Expert-Everything”. Life is perfect, I feel great after every ride, my horse is always thrilled with her quality time.  See?!

Coming up Monday – the accumulated horse blog wisdom.  A Don’t Miss!

8 thoughts on “How Many Years Have You Been Writing?

  1. Looking forward to learning from you! Share your tips! And as one of your devoted readers, I would comment that at least part of your great success is due to your 1) fun, candid, but effective pictures, 2) frequent, quick read (aka short) articles on topics we all can relate to 3) excellent “voice” – chatty, self-effacing, relatable. Thank you for sharing your journey with horses, we all have learned, laughed, and enjoyed it, and look forward to many more posts!

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    1. Makes me so happy to hear! Thank you Edie!
      I take shots of this horse sometimes, really getting a kick out of it just myself, but suspecting that NO ONE else could possibly care to look at them, but then so MANY DO. It’s been really warming, and I’m looking forward to write more – at least until we hit 2nd level. We’ve got to get there! 🙂
      Glad to have you along!


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