The Most Wonderful News

It’s been two full weeks of mostly standing in the paddock for my mare.

top horse blogsTaking a break from this.

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Of course, some hand walking and free lunging from me.  But not enough.

free lunging

Ahead, long weeks of nothing really for her, while my hand heals from surgery and physical therapy to start using it again.

Worried much?

You want a small miracle – horse whisked away for a while to a giant pasture with acres and acres of rolling hills.  Hay on top of the winter grass.  Plenty of trees.  Friendly companionship.  Safe fencing…

And how about some riding by an expert booty-kickin’-dressage-die-hard.?


It’s exactly what’s happening!

Valiosa got a ride all the way to Somerset, where I groom, and will be living in a large hilly pasture with two mares for a while.

Let’s ignore I’ll miss having her closer and can’t wait to have her home up the hill again.  She’ll be on a Horse Version of Caribbean Cruise/with Boot Camp under the deck – all that matters.

horse meeting pony for first timeEarlier today, meeting her first pony.

Shameless plug to Alexis of MV Training  and Suzanne of Dorado Andaluz for being such niece friends and helping this happen!  Thank you!

Best birthday gift ever!

Picture-torture to follow from the new farm for sure.

dressage blogsHugs to ALL Twisted Oaks Farm friends – see you soon!

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14 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful News

  1. Someone may have to remind her she’s supposed to go up and down that hill. At least occasionally, if not day and night. Right now mine just goes round and round (how appropriate) the round bale…

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    1. Yeah, she won’t start jogging by her own motivation 🙂
      Since they’re grazing , and have a little herd, they’ll still do a lot of moving around.
      But yes, the morning run to the feeders for hay won’t count much 🙂


    1. Thank you Dina! Yes, this was a very unexpected, but at the same time very welcome change for us. Mostly for my horse as I know it’s been her secret dream to go back to living in a heard and have a hug field. Of course she DOES have to put in some work under saddle now too 😉

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