She’s Doing Great

Squeezing in visits to check on her, of course.

Short and easy as that.

Some hand walks around the property.  Yesterday she free lunged in the round pen a few minutes as if she’d done it a hundred times before.

Handling her at snail pace and with only one hand was difficult at first, but now we’ve gotten the hang of it.

No way to get any sort of tack on, but haltering, blanketing and putting on leg boots is OK.  Mostly because she’s helpful and lets me do it, and ignores how incredibly sloooow everything is.

Brownie points to Gray Mare!

introducing horse to mirrors

New fresh design on the site!  (Penny for your thoughts on it!)  Everything scaled down, cleaned up, simplified.  Very fitting characters right now.

horse seeing it self in mirror

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44 thoughts on “She’s Doing Great

    1. On the money, she was really goofing on her self! Silly mare. It’s why we love them.

      Bad with the healing. 2 follow ups with the surgeon. New app tomorrow. He says it’s doing good. The body says differently. I think I’m hurting even more now.
      Whine, whine…


  1. Your horse indeed looks awesome. Horses are a never-ending source of fascination for me. During our 35-year stay in Middle East countries, I’ve witnessed how the blindingly rich royal families engage in their time-honored tradition of love for their horses. It was mesmerizing, so to speak.

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  2. When I was very young, I got to ride a (not sure how to spell this but will try:)) Lipizzaner Stallion. I believe they were performing in Spokane, WA, and they brought one of them to a clinic put on by the 4-H club. I remember he was very large. Everything was large, from his feet to his head. A young woman put me up on him. I had always ridden western, and this was my first time riding in an English saddle, and the reins were the double kind, so i was actually holding a total of 4 reins. I don’t remember the horses name, but I remember his eyes, feet, and the way dark grey sort of veined through his light grey coat.

    Once on him, I remember feeling very comfortable. It was like I just knew he was kind and would take care of me. The young woman helped me take him through some simple dressage movements and it was like I could feel all the power in the animal in a very controlled and gentle way as he trotted and side-passed and did a sort of jig and hop movement.

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    1. That’s quite the experience they allowed you to have there with him Nancy! I’m so glad.
      Often the most cherished upper level horses are never truly taken out for anyone else to enjoy. Happy to hear you got to experience this. And just look how long it’s stayed with you, ever since 4-H.
      Horses move us in this way! 🙂


      1. I really don’t know how or why it happened. I was 8 years old and just wanted to ride a horse. Somebody must have stopped to visit a friend on the way, or they were just doing some community outreach for getting people to come to their show. I’m sure the girl must have been a groom or something. For some reason, I was the only kid who got to ride him. Not sure why that happened, either. Lol. All I knew was that I REALLY wanted to ride him, bad. And I got to do it. Maybe that was the only way they could get me to go away!

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