Weekend Special: Penryn

Launching the Furniture Special Weekend series today!


3 days of no horsing around on the horse blog.


Welcome To Penryn – Dump Your Furniture Here.

furniture dumped in the country

Roadside pit stop.  Furnished for your comfort.

Feel free to join in with more couch pictures.

couch dumped outside

Next stop, Newcastle, CA.  See you tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Special: Penryn

    1. 😎Have to please my fans! In retrospect, perhaps I should have dressed up.
      Hand a smidgen better after hospital outpatient care made a custom splint yesterday. No longer feels like the finger is about to die and fall off 🤗

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  1. LOL – as odd as they look in the countryside, here in the city it is equally bizarre to see beaten down, soggy couches and armchairs on front porches – and/or dumped in yards, front, back and side.

    City folk rarely have trucks – and upholstered furniture is not something the recycling people pick up, as a rule
    . . . . and the country folk don’t go to the dump because? . . .

    Sorry about your hand – hope it heals quickly. (spend 3 months in a cast, myself – dominant hand, so you have my sincere sympathies)
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    1. I have no idea why people feel it’s appropriate to dump these things in the country, sigh.
      Here in the “burbs” we’ve got all sorts of companies that will come and pick up, at the curb (!) for free.
      Had no idea it was the same trouble in the city…
      3 months in a cast sounds so long 😦 I hope to start physical therapy end of March. (Please!)

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      1. My hand was smashed intentionally (gang mugging) – and 3-months seemed like forever! Could barely pull up my own pants – and FORGET zippers (and typing – and hand washing – and . . . . well, I’m sure I don’t have to tell YOU!)

        End of March must sound like forever to you — or will, the moment you have no more pain. Listen to the docs, tho’ — unless you want it to be longer.

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        1. Gang mugging! This is where it takes a serious, dreadful turn… Oh. I’m so sorry. Have you written on it? That’s a very serious topic.
          My finger bone was simply twisted off at the top by a naughty beast on a lunge line. At least I went there voluntarily…

          Oh, and yes, dressing myself this winter has been, interesting.

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          1. Not really, one or two with details only. I don’t focus there, but I do use it as background for a few articles (PTSD, depression) – and to explain why I’m not reachable, etc – TONS of terrible stuff cascading from that event.

            I reference it just enough to let people know I’m NOT standing on some mountain top, looking down on those who struggle. 🙂

            If you’re curious, I can leave you a link or three – but wait until you are feeling really sorry for yourself to read – in the “things could be worse” vein. lol


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