Monday Morning

Nothing went wrong.

A celebration in itself!

Leaving the Dead Field Couches behind, and shamelessly accepting the Awkward-Horse-Handling award today.  Grain bag fill, cross tying, hand jog, a West Nile shot, and a mane cut, – all one-handed.

Also some running next to her in canter on the lead line.  Not always recommended, but no one was watching so maybe it didn’t happen.  (Forget lunging.)

horse in cross ties

Valiosa is absolutely, 100% sure, the small piglets could eat her alive .  The farm raises not only PRE horses, but a small quantity of free range Murray Grey cattle, Barbados-Dorper Cross Sheep, and Red Wattled Hogs.

That’s where the piglets come in.

They’re also free range, but the two litters of pigs are raised in the barn until warmer weather and they’re old enough to live out.  Scary stuff, pig sounds.

barn with high ceilings

Have a wonderful Monday and be nice to your selves!

10 thoughts on “Monday Morning

    1. Yeah, pigs tend to be one of the scariest animals for horses. We’ve also had a major freak out episode alone down a road with Alpacas, or they were probably Llamas, because they were HUGE, shaggy, and territorial and made alien noises!

      Glad you like this better than the dead furniture – this is where we’re gonna keep it for a while!


  1. Miss Valiosa, though, has that pampered look. She’s asking you: “filling the grain bag is alright but why do I need a shot.”

    I don’t think you’re supposed to run canter with her on a lead line yet, but I guess it’s okay if no one was watching. 🙂

    Did you get Deborah’s first part of her riding clinic on paper? Since you did the canter run today, she may accelerate the actual ring work into part two. Be careful now. Deborah can be a taskmaster. 🙂

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    1. I loved it!
      Visualization is a HUGE key to success, it permeates everything we do, not just in the show ring. I don’t think there’s any sport where the winner hasn’t committed to it. Love the heads up for doing this, NOW, it’s the perfect timing since everything else feels relatively “unproductive” 😉
      I’m going to be incorporating this now, while things remain calm!
      Thank you Deborah!!!

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