Monday Poll Feedback

The results are in!

Thank you to every one who voted and commented on this!  Sunday, votes were still coming in, but they weren’t changing the percentages.

azteca mare

Here’s your wrap-up:

 Most of you drive much more than expected.  Top group at 30-40 minutes, followed by the 15-25 minute drivers.
Official Results – without all the extra alternatives added in.

How Long Is Your Barn Drive?

Answer Percent
30-40 Minutes, body a bit creaky getting out of car but limbers up. 24%
15-25 Minutes, it’s really just a quick drive. 23%
No time, I keep my horses at home or at my neighbors. 16%
45-55 Minutes, butt sticks to the leather seats in summer. 13%
1 Hr +, I’m a fool. 13%
5-10 Minutes, I could bike but, neh. 8%
Other: 3%

There were other answers too, in comments, messages, and IM’s on Facebook, where there’s a mix of work/home commuting on different days etc.  Most of those were not added to the results.  Such as:

Other Answer
45 minutes from work (3 days/wk), 22 minutes from home
I trailer to ride in arenas, about a 30 minute commute each way

This is one devoted group of horse enthusiasts!  Only 8% are at the magic formula: – “super quick drive and no horses at home to fix fences for all the time.”

riding with arthritis

My current commute?  Pretty much topping the chart for insanity.  School morning drop off/or pickup days it’s 1 hr and 25 minutes. (Well, so pretty much every day then.)  Straight drive; less than 1 hour is not going to happen.

Yes, it’s worth it.

8 thoughts on “Monday Poll Feedback

  1. I had to laugh at your “at home but mending fences” comment. It does seem like we spend way more time taking care of the ranch than we do riding.

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    1. …. I know so firsthand. It’s a huge task to have them at home, and so many who’ve only ever boarder boarded never really see the incredible amount of time invested 🌷🌞🌩🌫🌬⛄🌧
      All year, every day… 🙂


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