California, The New Ireland

We’ve had more rain than ever.

Farms in the flatter areas are almost floating away.  Here in the foothills we’re doing OK,  it’s like a mini Ireland, complete with rugged blankets, green marshland and soaked feet.

rainy green pasture

Bringing in Galana DA from pasture.

walking horses out of gates

Newly installed personal whirlpool at the gate.

walking horse in rain

Blog wise, it’s been an interesting week.  I’ve ruined links on the Facebook feed.  Mistakenly erased comments.  Marked someone by mistake as spam on the mobile.  Unknowingly approved spam comments.  Erased a really cool draft (Maybe it wasn’t all that great.).

Sudden support for this page after being published on “Discover” on World Press was overwhelming.  A wonderful surprise – of course I’d love to have it happen again!  But with all the follows that came out of it, things have been busy here.  Yes, I DO visit each new page follower’s website, reading the posts and getting an understanding of what their page is all about.

This is sort of key.  🙂  Taking time to check out what new followers do is almost half the fun of writing!

leading horse in rain

Galana, Ronin, my boy and I, the plastic bag wrapped hand, and a pasture treasure:  Cariñosas shoe.

how to find shoes lost in pasture

Ready to sit back and start posting pictures of Miss gray mare again soon.

How about tomorrow?

11 thoughts on “California, The New Ireland

  1. Yes! Always, more pics of the gray mare, please! Since I spend so much time with rescued (often formerly abandoned, abused or neglected) horses, it’s balm to the spirit to see one so lovingly cared for and who is clearly thriving 🙂

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    1. Oh I’m sure, only seeing the dark backside of horse ownership can really bring anyone down… I know the feeling all too well.
      Mrs. Gray is quite doted on – I’m very happy to have you check in on us at any time just to see all the silliness 🙂


    1. I’m secretly loving all the rain 😉 You’re supposed to hate it here in California, because you know, It’s So inconvenient… I’m in love with the green!

      You’re virtually celebrity material – saw you and your gorgeous Biasini in the thick dressage results mag here at home last week 🙂 Looking good!

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  2. At least you found that shoe. We hardly ever do, and 40 acres of pasture don’t make it easy. Worrisome when you know there’s a shoe out there somewhere with a bunch of nails sticking out of it.

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