Something different today.

This is not going to be super exciting.

90% of average readers just clicked away.  Good.  You are not average.

Everyday barn pictures.  Just because I never really take time to take any.  Or post them.  So come along for a few!

Dark rainy day in the barn.

barn with high ceiling

Valiosa, disdaining the short cross ties.

sky lights in barn ceiling


hanging wet horse blankets to dry

Barn laundry.  If you were to confess, how many of you have ruined your laundry machine at home with horse blankets?  I may have.  Not admitting it.  Just, maybe it happened.

tumble drying horse blankets

Youngest new stallion in the barn, Jaleo DA with Alexis.

horse explosive on lunge line

young stallion saddle breaking

I built a quick jump for Valiosa.  It’s been a long time.  Just to see if she still thought it was fun…

building jumps in arena

She did!

jumping horse on lunge line

free jumping with young horse

dressage horse jumping small bounce

keeping dressage fun for the horse

The giant bounce jump:

variety in dressage work

It’s the weekend!  Go out and enjoy!

46 thoughts on “Something different today.

    1. Ja som en egen hemlig kyrka… Jag jobbade ett helt år där, och föll totalt för hästarna dom föder upp. På senaste har jag jobbat en dag i veckan där, nu är mycket oftare. Vill inte riktigt flytta därifrån om jag ska vara ärlig.
      Tycker att du ska komma och rida där och hälsa på!


  1. You said something different – almost having Lilith step on the foot while helping unload her from the trailer at RRC. Fortunately, I was wearing my boots instead this morning. She nicked a toe. Hurts but not bad. 🙂

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    1. Oh no!! The dreaded toe crusher! It’s been over 2 years since my last. Fearing I’ll have to pay my dues on that one soon too now 😨.
      How it’s not too bad David. Oh, and that you get to keep the nail.
      Something different for sure!

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      1. Lilith didn’t place her weight on that particular hoof. When she felt my boot was a different surface, she moved back forward. So, it was like having a stubbed toe. Today, it feels a 100% better.

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  2. Wow, you are so dedicated!! Still working with Valiosa with that hand…she looks phenomenal!! ❤ I do a lot of jumping, and even though I know Dressage is you "first" horse riding thing, she looks great!!! 😉

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    1. I really enjoy seeing her continue to get stronger, and I’d hate to see her loose conditioning from so many weeks of doing nothing.

      So glad to hear she looks good jumping too. Yes, definitely not my main discipline 😉

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