Mare Love

Miss V. , staying in great shape during my layoff.

Walking up the steep hill in the new pasture is hard work…

building strenght from pasture hills

She’s had a lot of handwalking too, around the other hills, to take as much advantage of them as possible.  It’s good for the hind and a very low-key way to keep up strength.

And then this Mare love story here.

mares greeting each other in pasture

love trumps hate

On the dressage front – pathetically no news to report.

A little bareback walk happened.  There was no magic, sorry.  No sparkles.

bareback without pad

Almost 7 weeks without riding, something had to be done.  Well, perhaps this wasn’t it…

Switching pace with a special on Thursday morning!  Stop on by then to see what it’s all about!  This one is not going to be a hit with everyone.

You’re welcome.

17 thoughts on “Mare Love

  1. Her pasture friend…a Norwegian Fjord! Lovely, beautiful grounds and a wonderful setting to train.The last horse I owned was a Norwegian Fjord. Your blog is a lovely window into the horse world! We still have snow here in Maine, so I’m even appreciating the glimpses of green grass in the pastures!

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    1. First off, a wonderful facility and I love having my horse there! N.Cal. is really green, winter only – I live voraciously through the winter months here… summer is a death hole, if you ask me ♞

      He friend is the same as all the other horses bred on the farm – PRE, Pura Rasa Española. But fjord horse sounds pretty good too 😆


        1. Of course, and then she’s kind of, ehrm, rotund, so she could pass for it from a distance maybe 😉
          Truly though, that mare has some spectacular reach in her shoulder in trot. Beautiful way of going!

          11 sounds very rough… Ugh, I’ve been spoiled in warmth for so long, I know I’ve become weak. A shame for a Swede 😉


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  3. Valiosa looks so weighed down wearing her coat, lol. 🙂 Even her friend seems to be asking her why she needs to wear such a coat on a nice day.

    Bareback riding while still on the 120-day DL? Be careful now.

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