5 Things I’ve experienced since becoming an amputee

This weekend, sharing a post from Katie in Australia. Looking for an inspirational post to get your weekend going? This may just be it! Enjoy 🙂

One Foot In The Stirrup

I thought for this blog I might talk about the 5 major things I’ve dealt with since my amputation. Of course, everybody everybody has different experiences, but these 5 things are something that I’ve become very aware of.

  1. Phantom Pain is very REAL!
    So before my amputation, I never really had any idea what to expect or what it would be like. And let me tell you… Phantom Pain is a b***h. It’s crazy to think that my brain still believes my foot is there even though it isn’t. I’ll be honest now, I don’t really appreciate it when my brain decides to throw a little reminder my way.. So for people who aren’t amputees I’ll give you a little insight. There are heaps of different types of phantom pain and I think it is different for every person. For me, I get a few different types, from a shooting pain…

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  1. Thanks for this reblog. This coming weekend I will be competing at the Global Dressage Festival.. In the covered arena there will be a CPEDI( the para CDI) and I am sure I will be inspired to see the riders there.

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