Trail Hike

Come along for a trail walk.

It won’t take long.

I knew we’d have to meet the bull with super long horns out there one day.  This was the day.

long horn cow and horse

I know you can’t really see how interesting he looks at all in this picture.  But Valiosa could.

After this she told me she’s way too fit, young, healthy and not-lunged to be walking around calmly alone in just a halter across huge open grass areas.

california chestnut

I told her next time we’ll bring the bridle, besides, horses can’t talk anyway.

Super pretty day!  Snapped some pictures while she wondered if the bull would follow us.  (Maybe we can just crop her out?)

harry potter tree

hiking with horse in forest

Occasionally, she managed to be in the picture too.

silvery wood branches and gray horse

Latest Good News:

  • Her Oak Mite bites seem to be disappearing.
  • The surgeon removed the pins in my finger bone.
  • The slow work of creating a useable hand instead of a shaky stiff claw has begun.
  • Eventually we’ll have a little more dressage talk on the blog 🙂

Have a great start on your week!

21 thoughts on “Trail Hike

    1. The bites are healing over so well!! Relieved of course. Just need a little more coat to grow in on the last spots.

      It is a truly beautiful place to have access to straight out of the barn. I’m enjoying it for as long as we can! 😍


        1. Don’t know, wonderful husband got me a new one for Chrismas, and then I just edit them sometimes that’s all.
          The really high quality ones are from the rare occasions when my son comes out and he brings the system camera. Only way to get really good quality. But I don’t have too many of those…

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  1. Remind Ms V that Andalusians were cow horses long before they even set foot in the Americas. She needs to step up to tradition! From

    Spanish cowboys have long used their Andalusian horses in handling the bulls, considered exceedingly temperamental stock. Few horses would feel comfortable working these dangerous animals, yet Andalusians appear to delight in the work.

    So get delighted, Valiosa!

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    1. Awesome days! Spring is the best of times, when you can still be out without dying in the heat 🙂

      Glad to hear you liked the pictures! With at least a little bit of visible grass, just for you 🙂

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