Reality Check

8 weeks of not riding.

Not surprisingly, I’m not expecting to pick things up where we left them and go on like nothing happened.  Forget the hand, there are tons of other little muscles that have to wake up too 🙂

Where we left off, at Twisted Oaks Ranch.

coming back to riding after long time off

Nope, won’t be like that for a long time once I start up.

And she’ll still twist like this and bend and do funky things in posting trot to the quarterline.

coming back from injury

That’s alright.  Still miss it.

Miss riding her.

Miss trying to figure out just how to “get it” and then finally staying there for a few seconds here and there.

Miss all of it.

OK, so much better now after telling you.

Back to work!  This is a great, really tight week,  lots to be done!

19 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. It will be like riding a bicycle. You will pick it back up surprisingly quickly! And oh how good it will feel to be on your lovely Valiosa again! Spring! The time to ride, ride, ride!

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    1. It’s the best time right now. This, and the fall – I love them both so much.
      Since I don’t know how long I can stay at this farm, I really want to make the most of it, and actually take a ride out on the trails too. So far, handwalking out there, but it will be different just riding her alone there, and I know I’ll want my hand a lot better first. It’s simply gorgeous out there to, so I have to go! 🙂

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    1. Ah thank you 🙂
      This arena, at Twisted Oak Ranch, has the most beautiful backdrop ever. I love it. Might have to do a special post one day just to highlight the ever changing oak trees in the background. It’s really special 🙂

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