Spring Signs

Spring is here in California.

Betting it will last about 10 days, then it’s all summer in my book.

It’s a paradise in early March!

Some spring shots from the barn, to set you off for a great weekend:


Early morning, before feeding, horses can be found at the very bottom in this pasture.

horse eating branches in pasture
Found this creature eating a branch. Because that makes so much sense with all that grass around.

The super ferociously dangerous horse-eating piglets had some free ranging out of the barn.  They look so cute and pastoral here, but watch out or maybe they’ll try to eat a hoof.  For sure.

piglets in grass

free ranging pigs

No longer scary, the cattle.

murray gray cattle

Another sure spring sign;  shedding.  Groom just one horse and there’s almost enough for making a soft little, I don’t know, hat?

shedding season in the barn

Spring = Sweaty horses again.  This is Calynda, after a shower.  She’s a Friesian-Warmblood Cross, in for the day for training with another mare.

friesian cross mare

Alexis with Castiza.  Probably the last shot of bare tree branches.

oak tree with bare branches and white horse

Another spring sign – riding with one hand in a gardening glove, two fingers in one hole.  Maybe not a spring sign, but definitely a sign things are really crazy painful but fun 🙂

It worked OK, back on tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Spring Signs

    1. Smokes!! Here is my idea for a post. At least one that I would really like to read. What on Earth do you wear on your hands during the winter?
      Really. I love to read on this.
      I grew up in the bitter cold but I was a kid and young adult. Nothing killed me.
      Now my fingers freeze…


  1. Ack, thermometer outside my window says 30 right now. It was 14 last night. I’ve been cold since the moment I slid out of my mom. Even when I lived in California. What do I wear on my hands in winter? As little as possible because I hate gloves. Can’t do anything in them. Spend a lot of time warming my hands in my jacket pockets.

    And about eating that tree–I came across my mare in an equally green pasture one day, happily munching on wild rose bushes.

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