Wakey, Wakey

Good morning to all.

Fresh cords.  Great on the snow slopes.

Almost just as good, equestrian style fresh cords!

fresh cords

Some mornings, better, or earlier, than others.  All the same.

ggt footing

Wake up already!  You’re not still on social media, right?

tack room bridles
Apologies. It’s always great to have you here.

Today, post #501 on the site.  Who am I kidding, I always love having you here!

15 thoughts on “Wakey, Wakey

    1. It’s very nice, GGT.

      Has been too wet over the winter in my opinion, but we have pretty much no humidity at all here in the summer, so as soon as warmth sets in (probably only 1 week away) it is absolutely perfect!


  1. That’s a nice tack room with plenty of ribbons. And, in the arena, the GGT surface is close to perfect that can be found.

    Looks like we might be nearly done with winter. With that said, snow on the way, lol? 🙂

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    1. Definitely top notch footing. Valiosa has been moving out better than ever. Without this, I don’t think she would have transitioned to barefoot as easily.
      Wishing and hoping for some mild weather for you guys!!! 🙂


      1. Our weather has been very mild of late, nothing really cold since mid-February. It’s only in the early morning when you need to be dressed warm outdoors. By mid-morning, after 10, everyone including the horses have lost the warmer gear and are ready to start practice. If indoors, the practice has been going on sans warmer gear from the start.

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        1. Nice! My blogger contact up in Canada just got 3 feet of snow dumped on him, ugh. Glad you’re getting some “spring feels” 🙂

          Tell Deborah thank you for the Kent Farrington links. Appreciate it! I’ll be at a show Sunday, helping, not riding, meaning I’ll have some down time tonight to take time to read up!

          The riding is coming around well, although I have to take frequent breaks as the hand can only close around the rein for so long before too much pain. No complaints there 🙂 I hope to get out this afternoon and have a great session!


    1. This is at a facility where I currently keep my horse while I recover from a broken finger.
      It’s very far away, so wouldn’t be feasible to trailer in to.
      The arena at the “home” facility is also covered. It’s a huge plus, not so much for the rain (although of course we need it in the winter.) but for sun coverage.
      Summer heat is some 5 months plus here…

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