Sunday Schooling Show

Serrania, Valiosa’s pasture friend, trying out a show.

She’s a young mare who hasn’t been out showing a lot, but schooling 3rd level at home with Alexis.

buckskin pre mare
Alexis and Serrania in the warmup

She was pretty tense with the new experience but handled herself well, – she looks really sweet when she’s focused.  (And she’s got the smoothest trot I’ve ever ridden.)

buckskin andalusian mare

Spent the day as ground help with Serrania who showed First and Second Level, and Calynda who was a star at Training and First Level.

On the side, some goat sitting.  Literally.

nubian baby goat

10 day old on a leash and a bottle.  Want to stand out at the show grounds, some extra attention?  Baby goat is the way to go!

Check back in this Thursday for another PRE Peep and a reading tip!

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