black PRE stallion
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A Special Guy, And A Reading Tip

Jaleo DA has been on the blog a bit before.

He’s one of four PRE stallions at the barn.  While the others are all imported, he’s a little extra special as he is home-bred.  As a 4-year old he has not been standing just yet.

black andalusian stallion

Image courtesy of Kathryn Randall

Thought he deserved to be seen at his best on this site, mobile shots weren’t cutting it!

black PRE stallion

Photo by Kathryn Randall

On to the reading tips, for those days you can’t get enough of horses and their people!

I rarely have time to leave comments on platforms other than my app, but there’s a few I like to check in on to read.

If you haven’t found them already they are worth a try this weekend!


19 thoughts on “A Special Guy, And A Reading Tip

  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout out. :0)

    Regarding problems I’m working through, tons of them, but in tomorrow’s blog post, I share an AMAZING solution for Izzy. Since you have the opposite problem , it probably won’t work for you, but you never know. :0)

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    • Doesn’t matter! This is exactly the sort of thing I want to read. Problems, how long they lasted, and what you did. Looking forward to it!

      Lately, my soft and kind mare has decided that because she can see her friends in the newer pasture from the arena, she must keep an eye on them and trot around unfocused and squeal to them. Seriously disturbing. I find if I keep things quick, change gears, especially go to canter, I get her attention back. Until the next longside 😉


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