Tack Room Tip

Quick tip for a quick and easy tack room organizer!

I’m a sucker for a very neat and well supplied tack room.  I know many of you are tucked into dark, musty little corners without much opportunity to actually hang something on the walls.

Read on for a look at something new.

Dressage On A Dime A Horse For Elinor

Today, a plug for IKEA cleverness.

Already so yesterday’s news – the IKEA potties for cavaletti.  But in case you’ve missed this brilliant idea for lightweight, sturdy, super easy to handle, and low-priced little holders – here we go again:

ikea potties for jump poles

Picture from Gift Horse Eventing  

She gets extra credit for color coordinating with her poles, instead of the original, lime green, color!

Here’s my Dressage On A Dime tip of the day!

Meet the all new Veberöd.

This is the tip you don’t want to miss! Only need to watch 19 seconds of this to get the idea.  Music “off” to come out of the experience still feeling normal.

Super easy to fit in any tack room where you can’t install anything permanent.  And it’s on wheels so could even serve as a mobile grooming station.  And there’s seating!

Endless possibilities, on a dime.

ikea planter for tack room use

Or how about this, Bittergurka, super easy to hang planter?  But for the tack room!  Also in gray or pink.

Thinking tack cleaning sponges, or gloves, or braiding supplies…

Or a safe place for cookies donated to your trainer so the dogs won’t eat them.  Yes.  This happens.


13 thoughts on “Tack Room Tip

  1. Believe me, I LOVE clean and tidy!!! 😀 But it seems like “clean and tidy” and horses don’t (can’t!) really go together…LOL!!! 😀 😀

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      1. Oh yes, I’m always covered in hair after an evening at the barn!!! 😀 But I actually don’t mind too much…after all, its horse hair, probably the best hair in the nuiverse, in my mind!!! 😀 😀 I learned quite awhile ago NOT to wear fleece around horses….hair sticks to it like glue!!!!!

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  2. I love ikea- the rack is like what I put in my trailer- it’s awesome. I have the Ikea 4 bar towel rack- it’s perfect for saddle pads and I plan to get more. 🙂

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