Gray Mare – Not Giving Anything Away For Free

On her own she’d never come up with the idea of offering a big trot.

Or an elastic one.  Or relaxed.  Or a balanced, willing, and ground winning canter.  That’d be way too easy right?  Every ride, it all has to be created from scratch.  Sometimes it feels like it would be really rewarding if she’d just be offering something voluntarily on her own πŸ™‚

Then again, it’s really interesting to be doing this, to see where she can go. So happy to have her, if hundreds of images of the same horse wasn’t a tip-off.

training with a young horse

Living with other horses has really made her happy.  Screaming to them while under saddle is not welcome though.  As it is strictly Verboten, her latest thing is to let out a looong sort of “under-the-breath” squeal while still continuing work.

Feels like riding a female walrus, or let’s make it seal – more flattering – her back vibrating while she’s making code noises to them.  I should get mad, really, but she’s just so silly.

dressage toward second level

OK, so she’s showed well at Intro, and Training, plus the very first test at First Level.  It’s been my goal from start to bring her to Second Level.  Very lofty ideas!

I have a little bit more help now.  So happy about that!

How fun it would be to work on getting a Bronze Medal with this horse!!

Actually, someone is probably not going to let me hunt scores on their “better trained and higher level” horse, so yes, it’s going to have to be her! β™₯

cantering with new bit

18 thoughts on “Gray Mare – Not Giving Anything Away For Free

  1. I think you’re doing a great job with her, she’s young, she’ll get it. I agree, managing the distractions can be difficult, maybe ask for something a bit more complicated when she starts talking to her buddies. Go for the bronze!

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    1. My bronze hope is Smilingly lofty. We’ve got a long way to go. 2nd level all hell breaks loose, we know that…
      But I love, love πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜— the support! So much more fun to do this with people around who care to check in on us!!
      Thank you!!


  2. Back in the world of practice and training. πŸ™‚
    Deborah hopes you didn’t find part 5 of her paper clinic too odd. The preview on part 6 is to work back into your regular practice routine.

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    1. No, I liked it, and tried to do most, but not all of it end of last week. Today I’m recovering from snow camping over the weekend in the Sierras. Good fun, but I was a little meek in the saddle today.
      You’ll hear from me once I have completed all of it. Or at least given it a true effort, if we stumble on some!!


      1. Snow camping, that’s only for the hearty. πŸ™‚

        My daughters had a good week of practice. It’s 5-1/2 weeks to graduation, 6 weeks to the first show of the season. Winter continues on its last hurrah here – not ready to call it quits.

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        1. Graduation. I bet it will be almost bittersweet!! From what I sense from your family though, everyone will still be staying close together…

          Snow camping was great! There was a chalet, so I survived:)


  3. You can do it! Bronze medal is a great goal. Keep working on refining the gaits and the connection, and you’ll be working your way up the levels in no time – and having fun along the way, too. Plus entertaining us all with your journey!

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    1. Convincing myself training through 2nd is the hardest, establishing the base everything will be built on.
      But still a wishful lie haha.
      But yes!!! We’ll be here to entertain all along the way!!

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      1. A lot of people do not spend much time showing at 2nd level. That doesn’t mean they skip the training that happens at 2nd (increasing self-carriage, shoulder-in, the gaits getting better, etc.), but many people just “don’t like” the second level tests. Go figure. So…here’s your chance to SHINE. Go rock second level and win some Dover Medals :-). I totally believe you can easily do 3rd level with this lovely mare, though, and beyond. Do not limit your thinking. Both of you are (relatively) young!

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        1. How FUN that would be!!!
          She’s going to have to straighten out first, in every sense!…

          I truly enjoy having such a young horse now, everything is a possibility.
          But what scares me is the huge probability that something will go wrong. I’ve seen it so many times, even when everything is managed correctly, a freak incident, injury, or hidden medical condition will pop up, and all is lost.
          Fingers crossed we all have MANY years of fun experiences ahead!
          I can’t wait to see what will happen!

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