April, and we’re still here!

Rains continued in California in March – wonderful green areas everywhere for longer than usual!

I’m happy to be at higher grounds and able to train at this barn, so we’ll stick around for a while.

upscale barn

Continuing on with barefoot on all four – very careful with any “off-road” outings.  Just a bit here and there.  Very happy with the bare feet!  Getting there has been easy so far.  Twist my arm a bit and a write-up on the transition is all yours!

riding out in the grass

That ride in a borrowed bridle.

About the earlier shout-out on the Verbindend:  She’s had it for several weeks now, and yep, absolutely it’s on the list of approved bits to show dressage in!

So, finally, there’s enough tack!

Said no one ever.

dressage bridles on tack wall
These are not all mine. Promise.

15 thoughts on “April, and we’re still here!

  1. Valiosa looks so pretty with the vibrant green background of the grass. 🙂 Almost all the horses at my barn are barefoot, and they are all so happy that way!! 😀

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  2. So glad all is going well for you guys. Mine have been barefoot for a few years now, thankfully their feet hild up well and we can still go for strolls in the woods. Only the older one gets a boot on one foot when she’s stables as she paws and wears away one of her front feet more than the others #sigh

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    1. Thank you Diana, that’s very sweet!
      She’s a very ordinary horse, but altogether extraordinary, just because she belongs to me. Thrilled to have her, and very happy to have you reading as we go along! 🙂

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