In The Forest

Last week we got lost.

I didn’t mind.  Usually you can just find the way, and if not, just turn around and search for the same trail, right?

She did mind.  Miss gray mare, walking fast and hard up the hills.  They were steep, very boggy in places.  Had to work it to keep up with her.

horse in pasture under tree

Pasture Pics – the only ones today.

Going downhill she’d chew the bit and froth, grunting the “bolt-coming-up-soon-because-I-hate-bending-and-sitting-and-walking-down-and-besides-I’m-all-alone-out-here” grunt.

Took a while to figure out we were following a deer trail, not the main trail.  Getting the cantle of the saddle scraped up by low branches should have been a hint.

relaxed horse in pasture

Seriously, it was really fun!  And she had a blast.  Didn’t have a death wish enough to stop and take pictures, but she was cute hoofing it over logs and sliding down a mossy hillside.

trail riding

Clearly, you’ve figured out I did a little more walking than riding on that trail outing.

Next time, when it has dried out, we’ll keep it more grown up.  Staying on on the main trail.  Keeping dressage boots mud free and fleece leg boots clean.

trail riding with young horse

34 thoughts on “In The Forest

    1. That’s not actually a bad idea!

      I thought I’d be good, since I could hear some neighbors in the distance with their weeders or something like that, and that we could orient towards that sound. Heh, great plan…

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      1. The forest I ride in does not have cell coverage throughout. There are a lot of hills and that may be it. I do always take my phone but the little compass is always ready if need be!

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    1. Bread crumbs… attracting live vultures or witches 😉
      I’m getting the feeling she wants to go back out there. Way easier day than the arena work 😉

      I’m in love with your puppy!
      I think I’ll need a puppy later on again…


  1. An adventure can be very effective bonding for you two girls. Well done, and watch out for those deceptive deer trails (we’ve all been fooled by them), not to mention freshly leafing out spring poison oak, ticks, young rattlesnakes coming out of their dens, and all the other fun out there on the trail. Yes, yes, well…get on the horse and keep your eyes open, is all I’m saying. Spring is fun but dicey!

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          1. Probably birds eat them? I do wonder about things like ticks and also poison oak, which nothing really LIKES to eat (yes, I know deer/goats will eat if nothing else is left). These are part of the curse, I think, along with mosquitos…

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          2. Wish we could replace them with slugs. Slow, fairly non invasive, doesn’t bite humans, and birds can feed babies with them. We just got home from camping, and I’m welting from mosquito bites all over. And yep, there were ticks…


          3. Going full throttle with the outdoors – I felt that I missed out so much with a useless hand for 3 months.
            Now sitting here itching like mad on ugly welts on the legs. Despite spraying icky sprays during the camp.

            Next up, 3 day backpacking at Pt. Reyes, end of month.
            Really wish there’d be a horse show in there at one point too, but that hasn’t materialized yet.

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