Spring Break!

Just when you thought you’d give up altogether if there’s just one more post with a pasture picture.

Here you go ๐Ÿ™‚

horses shedding in spring

Couldn’t help it.

It’s not all that easy to get ridden pictures on your own, but you already know that.ย  Here’s what you get today –

Valiosa, before I butchered her mane again.ย  We’ve set a record for crazy mane cut now.ย  Poor thing.

long mane

The barn, late morning.

classic barn

It is spring break for my boys, so in a few days I’ll have some ridden pictures for you again.ย  It’s been a while!ย  We’ve continued to work on all the squiggly things.ย  Some are, possibly, less squiggly.

Valiosa has mysteriously improved her canter to where it’s now her best gait.ย  Not sure what happened to the trot.ย  The walk, just forget it.ย  Good times!

improving the canter

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