Meet Steve

Hi everyone.

Say Hello to Steve.

indian beach tamales bay

Steve doesn’t have a Facebook account.  Or any other social media account.  He still feels gypped with not getting any likes or comments or barely appearing in any family pictures.  For real.

Of course you see the immediate logic in this.

He is also my husband, and he’s great at it.  Today, cheesy selfies with what may just be the most private man ever.

tamales bay

family selfie

selfies in gothenburg

Happy Birthday Honey!  Love you.

29 thoughts on “Meet Steve

  1. Very handsome hubby! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Elinor, and thank you, Steve, for allowing us to see the mystery man who supports the horse habit, putting up with the oh-so-delightful smell of mare sweat and other essences that undoubtedly clings to your wife and her clothes at times. Not to mention the mud in the car. And the horse hair in the laundry machine. Bless you, you are a good man.

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    1. So right you are, in every way 🙂
      Oh, but he never actually allowed me to post this. I just sort of did it! Now I think he’s secretly basking in having so many people wish him happy birthday 😉
      We both love our horse-husbands…!

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  2. No FB account? and he has survived….lol. Handsome man and a beautiful horse. Happy Birthday (as for FB, not missing anything although some of my grandchildren will tell you different!)

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  3. Happy B-Day to your other half. 🙂

    He’s not missing much by lacking any social media presence. My daughters – all three of them – no FB, no Twitter, no Instagram, no G+, no blog (though they have contributed a few posts), etc., etc. Same for their moms.

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    1. I love it!!! I think it’s so much better for them. My boys are the same, although we promised a mobile phone to our oldest for high school if he had straight A’s. Which he is getting now… Sigh, the end of an era….

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      1. I know what you mean – they grow up much too fast. And, when they’re in their early 20s, you want to keep them closer yet though they’ve spread the wings and are ready for flight. So, I welcome you and your husband to the group. 🙂

        We are a BlackBerry family. Laurie and Andrea use their BBs primarily for work, as do I – they provide the best in security, especially with send/receive of sensitive data via phone. The girls use BB also. They absolutely love the physical keyboard on the phone. Tara is the only one that has any iPhone experience – she didn’t like it because her iPhone was always giving her trouble. We also have a couple of Androids that we use as backups.

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        1. Holding on and digging in my heels so far, or holding on to the reins and saying “no, not just yet” 🙂
          I joke with my husband that eventually I’ll have to get a second horse, just to keep me busy once these guys are on their own in some six years. He looks scared 😉


          1. Don’t worry about your boys going too far away … not unless they go to live in Sweden and you stay here, lol. 🙂

            My girls would say go for more horses (plural). A second one would not be enough. 😉

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          2. That’s a big one right there. I have friends who are excited about the prospect of their children going to university in Sweden.
            Of course really good stuff!
            But I’m on the side, saying, Don’t Go, don’t go!! 🙂

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  4. Happy Birthday, Steve.  You are still on our minds and thought that you and the family went camping this weekend.  I’ll call you later…. Mom and Dad.

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  5. No fb account. I already like him! I knew there were people like that out there..somewhere…if it wasn’t for my art I wouldn’t have anything to do with ‘youtwitface’ either…..Happy Birthday!

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