Boys Filming At The Farm

Springbreak.  Boys came out to visit the farm.

The baby rabbits had grown up a lot in just a couple of months.  Bunny snuggling is always good.

holland lop bunnies and boys

Meeting the sheep and lambs that took over the stall for a few weeks, after the piglets moved out.

white lamb

Maybe not as snuggly.

boys feeding sheep

Gray mare likes this guy!

boy with horse

We had a good morning.  They promised to be good, not break anything, and take a lot of pictures.  Which they did – more or less focused.  Sometimes even of the horse.  Between macho selfies.

making a selfie

difficult taking pictures of horses

hard to take pictures in indoor arena

Plus pictures of grass and rocks.  And other pictures like this.

previewing pictures on camera

I really, really love my boys.They make me laugh every day!  Sure, they’re not all that great for video making yet.  Mostly because horses aren’t all that interesting to them.  Here’s their compilation – must view with sound ON.

Next up – some much better pictures from this schooling session!

14 thoughts on “Boys Filming At The Farm

  1. So glad you guys had such a wonderful time!!! 🙂 I enjoyed the movie, and BTW,. Valiosa and you look fantastic!!!!!! 🙂

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  2. Hahaha! Loved the video! Boys! I remember my son at that age. He was not into horses either and his younger sister was a SERIOUS rider. He said he didn’t like going to watch her at shows because it always smelled so “horsey”. Thanks for this post. Good times!

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    1. These two, the biggest goofballs, but they’re hilarious at the same time. They have shown up at horse shows too, but it’s not their favorite. I couldn’t imagine having one of them being a serious rider and the other one having to “tag along”… 😉

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  3. Your boys had a fun time, what about mom? Miss Valiosa seems to be riding well, but, of course, I don’t know much about dressage. Also saw your other videos of Serrania and Calynda. Both are beautiful horses.

    Side note: Deborah says she enjoyed working with you on the paper clinic. She is scheduled to lead a hunter/jumper riding clinic at RRC next off-season. The clinic is already 3/4 filled (15 riders) – most are juniors, a couple of novices. Deborah would love to see more video.

    Side, side note: Girls are ready to show, but first show is a month away. Excitement is building with them.

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    1. Well, we all had fun 😉 These two are big animals lovers so it’s great that they get to interact with farm animals here and there.
      Glad you got to see Serrania and Calynda – just pointing out I just did the video, not the riding. Calynda is for sale, I think she’s lovely!

      The last part of Deborah’s clinic has been the trickiest. Today conditions at the farm were challenging, all the mares are in heat (or so it seems) and mine especially was screaming, unfocused, and wanted to lift her tail more than her front legs 🙂 Not conductive to a true schooling session so I scrapped that idea. At the end, she was really lovely though. I have a lesson on Wednesday again, and can’t wait to see if I can recreate the same feel earlier in the ride that I had with her today at the very end!
      Getting more video is on the wishlist, but not very realistic. Oh well.
      Exciting that Deborah is having an almost full clinic by the way – I bet they will all love her!


      1. Luckily, Lilith seems to wonder what it is all about – a true innocent. 🙂 The boy horses, they’re more interested in their horsey games.

        Deborah is excited about having her own clinic. My guess is that it’s not going to be much different from the paper clinic she did for you. In riding, she (and her sisters) adopted the “know yourself, know your horse” approach – which isn’t much different from how they learned from Trish. It’s all in the little details. 🙂

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        1. That’s great!!
          She’ll probably find that becoming more of a teacher will actually help her with her own riding.
          Having to explain the why’s and how’s, and putting words on sometimes subliminal feels during rides, will help reconfirm everything she’s doing while training on her own.
          It’s really cool how that works!


  4. I couldn’t even GET my children to the barn so your boys are awesome. I love the commentary. Also, you and the ‘gray mare’ looked very good- that halt. wow.

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    1. I complain about them a lot, but in all honesty, I’m thoroughly thrilled with them coming out and sharing some horse time, no matter how little.

      Oh, and yeah, mare likes to stop. No struggle there 😉
      As long as I half halt very lightly, we can usually get it square too.


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