Dog Happiness

Today, giving you –

A single view of the most ravishing, superfit, ultimate loyal Dalmatian friend.

mature dalmatian male

This is Hallmark Roll The Dice, 6 1/2 years old, camping last weekend.  He has matured into a 2% body fat, extremely strong and loving family dog.

If you can adjust your life to accommodate a dog like this.  Go for it.

23 thoughts on “Dog Happiness

  1. Hallmark Roll the Dice…what a perfect name for this handsome guy!!! I love it….I’ve never really had a big soft spot for Dalmatians, but let me tell you, this guy has definitely changed my mind—he looks like such a kind, fun dog!!!! 😀 😀

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    1. Tell that to my other dog… 😉

      Well. you should be the one to know! Love seeing how quick little puppy is growing up – he’s changing in almost every picture. By end of summer his ears and tail will look entirely different!


    1. This was in the morning hours, packing up from a weekend camping trip. He stays really good looking most of the time, believe it or not!
      Gets dirty, of course, but the hair coat is short and sort of “repels” everything as soon as it dries. Seriously! It just falls off, and they tend to groom their paws sort of catlike.
      With flax oil, the coat is soft and has a tiny sheen, still, keeps white.
      The dry skin, with no doggie odor, is the clincher – I love this breed! (and hate it, because they’re so much work 😉 )


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