One Of Those Sick Days

Suddenly couch stuck.

Some cold, or respiratory thing, or some other unnecessary road-block to fun.

Not sure who ordered it.  Sure wasn’t me!  Because I’m stuck at home for a bit, today is another photo bomb.

balancing the canter in the corner

not stepping under in canter

She has both filled out with muscle just a little, and gained some more power on the trot diagonal.  It doesn’t fizz out half way anymore.

increasing tempo in trot on diagonal

gray horse cantering on long side

After babying her for so long with just short periods of sitting trot, it’s time for her to accept working like that too.

Accept is the key word there…  Her go-to move is to immediately resist as long as it doesn’t feel exactly right to her.  If I ever needed a horse teaching a more following seat and hip joint, she’s it.  So, hmmm, thank you?

collecting the trot

Stay well, and have a fun weekend!

elinor yee

16 thoughts on “One Of Those Sick Days

    1. From what I can tell, at least Carmen has a “go” butt on though. Always good 🙂

      If you’re showing Training 1, have you considered adding on a second class? Say, Intro 3 or even Training 2 if you feel you can get through it.
      The several first shows with V. I always did two tests. She’d be tense and worried, and after a second few minutes in the warmup ring (tests were usually some 30 minutes apart.) she was more relaxed in the second test.
      Just a thought if you haven’t considered it.

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        1. Great! You’re just like me, getting the one test down, then finally working on the other. I’ve never figured out people who can immediately work on two programs at the same time without ever getting confused. I’m working on it, but it feels like it really helps with having the first one down solid. Luckily at Training level there isn’t a whole lot to keep track of. 🙂 Happy practicing! I’m still stuck at home, seems like it’s the flu 😦


  1. I used to do two tests a day at the lower levels. If a test of choice is offered I would do the same test twice sometimes. More miles in the ring is something I found worthwhile. Now I just do the one but at a National show I have 3 days and 3 chances and that has been very valuable.

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    1. I think 4th and above the horse works harder too, and the warm up often entails more, so one test is plenty. I’ve never been to a show where they offer Test Of Choice classes. It would be great to get two shots at the same test!

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  2. And the following seat is an ongoing quest. I found when I changed to a less dressage saddle ( no big thigh blocks and not a really deep seat) I could release more and go with the horse. But other people don’t like my saddle but it works for me especially with both hips replaced it is just easier in it for me to release and let go.

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    1. I’ve ridden in very many saddles, and yes, the really large thigh blocks feel restricting, and my thighs NEVER fit in the way they should. The super “open” saddles tend to have me feeling a bit lost up there, especially if combined with a wide twist – ugh, shudder, then suddenly a chair seat will creep in despite all efforts.
      It’s time for me to consider a new saddle, again, for my young horse, and I’m not looking forward to the process, ugh. I’ll have to purchase a used one, and that makes it all so much more complicated.
      That, and the fact that the farm is far out from just about everywhere else, so most saddle fitters don’t want to just “pop in”, it takes their whole day. Biding my time 🙂

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  3. OK this is my final comment and then I’ll shut up! When I rode the schoolmaster mare and did the piaffe passage lesson on her (” piaffe passage and the pillow seat “)I was so impressed that all I had to do to bring her back to the passage was to slightly tighten my core muscles and then give the leg aid. I resolved to start using mush lighter aids with Biasini and more core ( stopping the movement with my seat). So if you can get that release now with V it will make is to much easier when you are working on the later movements. That’s enough from me!

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    1. But I LIKE it when you come in here! 🙂

      I’s a big goal for me to be able to ride a lot from the leg and the core – it’s true mastery and for the few who can execute, and who has a horse trained this way, it truly makes a difference.
      Wanting and doing is not the same though 😉 I’ve been handsy, then a period with too slack contact, and then back to a handsy period. Training away from it takes a lot of effort on my part.
      My mare has shown absolutely no tendency to “sit” even the slightest in her work. In a lesson before I got sick I was finally able to slow her and increase her in the posting trot with the core, a slight feeling of her rocking back just a little – there’s hope! 🙂

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  4. Ugh!!! I hate being sick…hoping you’ll feel 1000% better soon!!!! 🙂 Oh yes, and you and Valiosa look absolutely wonderful!!!! You’ve done such an amazing job with her…. ❤

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    1. I really like it. I do NOT like tightly done cavessons, and even with adding the flash for a few months, I didn’t think her mouth was as quiet and relaxed as it should be.
      Instead of doing up the crank, the dropped noseband helped to stabilize the jaw, and I can still have it with “finger room” to spare on the nose bridge. I’m thinking she should stay in this noseband for some time, especially with the new bit, which has also helped with acceptance.
      It’s a NS Verbindend Bradoon, since she’s got very little space in there.


      1. Interesting! I know they’ve been popular in Europe for young horses for a while, and I’m starting to see them more and more here in the States at dressage shows. I too dislike the super-tight nosebands, crank or otherwise (crank gets a bad rap, but it is possible to have a loose crank noseband and a super-tight cavesson, too…) I have experimented a lot with tighter vs looser on Clay and he is definitely more relaxed in his jaw when it’s just snug and he can still chew. Anyway, I haven’t played with other bits much, mostly due to the cost of buying multiple nice bits with the risk that he won’t like them, so I ride him in a typical french-link loose ring, but I really wonder if there’s a different bit out there that he’d like more….


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