Breeding Season

Started a while back, full speed now.

The barn I’m at is a breeding barn.  Four stallions, with a total of four mares to be bred this year.

With the last colt sold before the end of the year, the rest of 2017 will be completely without babies/young horses.  That’s the first time I’ve seen that at this barn.  2018 will be different though…

broodmares in pasture

Breeding is done by AI.  At least one of the mares will be bred to an outside stallion, who has his own show schedule to consider and shipping times that have to work out.  Heat cycles have to be determined just right.  Having a stallion at home makes that pretty easy.

barn reflecting in pond
The barn, in the pond.

Botijo is the sweetest stallion, always manageable, and gets to go see his mares often this month across the fence.  Prancing and talking to them.  With that, it doesn’t take long to see if any are at a “good”, or “getting better”, point in their cycle.

Lots of mane shaking, squealing, and high energy on his part.  The mares, at least last week, not so much…  No interest yet.  The only one, calling and posing and in general feeling conflicted..?

Gray mare.

Nope, she’s not invited to party.

riding horses in heat
Yes we still ride! Fingers crossed she’ll always be easy while in heat.

Thanks to pneumonia, not the flu, there’s some new fresh tweaks to the homepage, menus, and pages now.  Almost done and back out now!  Ride when you can!

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