When To Quit

The minute you consider yourself not good enough, too old, or without enough talent.

There’s no shame in that. Everything has to come to an end at one point.  And that’s alright.  Accept, and move on.

Maybe it’s the “move on” part people get stuck on? Ranting about it.  Endlessly telling anyone who cares, or sadly just ended up within earshot, how they would be doing it if it wasn’t for A, B, or C.

Isn’t it exhausting to listen to?

Of all role models, I mostly admire the ones who’ve been able to stick to their passion for years and years.  The ones who stuck it out, decided over and over that, nope, it’s not time to quit just yet.

It’s beautiful.  To be able to continue on – that’s not for everyone.  And a gift.

Who hasn’t had to end many things throughout the years?  Often not by choice.  And often because the body decided it was time.

Allow it to slip like a piece of cool silk, easy, without trying to grab on.  A happier ending, especially for others around.  While opening up so many other possibilities.

That was a lot of rambling. Not really the style of this site.  Nothing to tie up the end of the post with either.  Back to horses.

Late morning pictures.

horses in pasture under oak tree
Late, but too early to get up.  No one came to say Hello.  Is it still called Catching In Pasture, if you have to go all the way down there, making that “possible-cookie-crinkle” in the pocket just to get them to stand?

horse standing guard while another one is sleeping
– No thanks, still sleeping.
horse watching over sleeping horse

Namaste.horse stretching

15 thoughts on “When To Quit

  1. What wonderful pictures…Valiosa and Namaste look so nice together!!! ❤ Thanks so much for sharing this…it's sooo true. 🙂

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  2. I love this, it didn’t come across as rambling at all. In fact I was having similar thoughts last night as I started struggling with travers. We have it pretty good on the left rein but it’s much harder in the right. I was wondering will I ever get it? Or is this a sign that I will only ever be a decent lower level rider. I think sometimes these thoughts are a sign that we need to try a new strategy. And remember that persistence and patience will always out

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    1. With you all the way there – the thoughts about ever getting better… we all have them. And then simply deciding there just has to be a different strategy. There always is!
      So glad you enjoyed my post! 🙂

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  3. Men? Nu blev jag lite orolig här . :O Eller är det min dåliga engelska?
    Hur som helst är det en fantastiskt fin yogahäst med fjordingklippt man .

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    1. Nje, kanske lite onyktert inlägg där jag inte förklarade mig så bra. Hästeriet fortsätter garanterat! Är väl mycket av det andra som man får lägga på hyllan sådär efter tre deccenier eller så. Och sånt ska man ju inte sitta och klaga över och tråka sig med!
      Alla Andy stona har manen så. Man vänjer sig, men det är inte för mig och min häst 🙂
      Hoppas ankeln har skärpt till sig!!?

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  4. So if we’re going to ramble: it depends on the degree of giving up: is it I’m just not getting it today so will leave it or is it the giving up forever. I hear you about people rambling on about it. I think that this happens for a few reasons:
    -they haven’t come to terms with it yet and talking about it is how they process it
    -they want you agree with their reasons and/or join them in the giving up

    Quitting is very hard for me. I just want to keep throwing myself at something until I’m done with it even if I suck. 🙂

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    1. That little piece there in the middle Teresa… They want someone to agree with their reasons for quitting. Some stroking or so. And, they’d really like to have some company there 🙂

      You and me both. I keep throwing, until something sticks. 🙂 (or OK, breaks…)


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