When your friends are really far away. And you can’t see them. And you just have to scream.

New pasture, with several new friends.

Gray mare’s been in the front pasture for over a week.  More friends.  She mixed right in and thinks living in a larger group is great.

horses greeting in pasture

A little less hilly than the other two pastures she was in for three months.  This one is larger, and involves a bit of a hike to get around in.  (Big enough to get lost and lonely if you ask her.)


About as lush as it gets in the California foothills.  By the end of the month, most of the grass will burn off.  If she wasn’t in full work, I’d be worried about way too much grass, but so far she’s staying in great shape.

introducing mares to each other in pasture

Don’t want to jinx it, but a few days after she moved out with this group, we’ve only had forward, productive rides.  Not sure how long it will last, but now, she’s going well, happy, putting in a real effort at every ride, feeling really great.

Yes, yes, we go fast, all the time, try leg yield in canter yep yep, no-way-I’ve-never-been-lazy, she says, and works hard so it will be over with and she can go back out to her new exciting group.

OK, well, thanks!  Let’s make it stick.

mares making friends in pasture


Going back out was never this exciting.  You can hear screaming until the very end.


11 thoughts on “When your friends are really far away. And you can’t see them. And you just have to scream.

  1. That is soooo great that you’ve been having productive, great rides!!!! ❤ Thanks for sharing…she sure is loud!!! 😀 How pretty she looks in the pasture with all her friends. 🙂 And look at all that green, tasty grass..yum, yum!!! 😀 😀

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    1. She cracks me up!!!
      I hesitated sharing the video, since it really isn’t the way horses should be released in to pasture, but she’s just way to cute!!! Her excitement is just wonderful! 🙂

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  2. Interesting that she is more forward with this turnout. When I was in FL there was a horse that was never turned out. His owner was concerned he would get injured. My coach and his assistant talked her into turning him out and started with a mild tranquillizer and small paddock. In three days he was in a regular turnout and was just fine. My coach usually rides him and said his mental attitude improved 100%. He had been very grumpy and rude and then with turnout became a willing worker and just like the gray mare, more forward on a light aid.

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    1. Yes to turnout, all the way! I don’t think I can ever go back to stalling again. As an option, yes, but as a full-time boarding solution, nope.
      What’s interesting to me is that she WAS living out this whole time. The difference with this new pasture is really minor (also big, with friends, on grass) and I can’t believe it’s the only reason for her going better. I just can’t figure it out, since nothing else has changed.
      The only switch was a different ration balancer… of course a more expensive one 🙂 so, as the humble servant, I got another bag of it… I’ll experiment with switching it later again. But rationally, I don’t think that’s truly it either… sigh.
      Last grasping for straw is if she somehow wasn’t sleeping the same way earlier, and now with a group of 5 is more relaxed. (Ok, getting silly there, but I’m the kind who always has to know WHY!)

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    1. Now I hope it sticks around!
      You know that feeling right? You’ve just written something, posted it, and the next day out, it’s pretty much all a big lie. Nothing’s the same…
      So far, she’s been like this for 7 rides, so I see a pattern. Fingers crossed we’ve made a breakthrough!!👅

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    1. So you’re in this enthusiastic club too!!! It cracks me up, really. She knows they’re there. But some rolling hills block everything. Then there’s just too much pressure.
      Lid off!!! 📣🐯

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      1. When I first brought Charm to Willow Tree she didn’t know where the gate to the pasture was (it’s part of the feed lot fence). The horses had just begun to be turned out on grass for the summer and she had been inside with me when they were turned out. She got to the feed lot, looked across it and could see them on the other side of the fence but didn’t know how they got there. Paced up and down the fence line calling and calling until I went out there and got her and showed her which corner the open gate was at. She’s a talented jumper, so I was surprised she didn’t just decide to clear the fence…

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