Cavaletti Post

One of those cross training days.

Honestly, dragging out the cavaletti poles for the first time since she moved to this farm.  Making a commitment to do it again later this month, but then we’ll give it a rest for the summer.

trotting over ground poles

She remembered just fine how to do it.  Ridden too, no prob.

ground work with young horse to build strength

horse stepping too long over trot poles

Trying to take two at a time, too much work 🙂

trotting over cavaletti
Because, can you honestly say for sure that every ride is building up the horse? Never tearing it down?

I know I can’t. We don’t do the wonder-connection-all-the-time-every-time-with-only-positive-physical-benefits.  One day we’ll get there.  You too I hope!  Until then, she gets these strength building days occasionally.
distance for trot poles

18 thoughts on “Cavaletti Post

  1. How wonderful (not to mention cute!!!) Miss Valiosa looks!!!! ❤ ❤ Great to job to get out and do it!!!! It can be hard to get motivated sometimes….I know all about that!!!! 😀

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    1. Just tedious to carry the equipment in and out… Ugh! At the other barn, I set it up along the longside, where it was a snap to get them out. I committed to a 7 week training period where I did little building sets over cavaletti, starting at 1-2 days/week, peaking at 4 times the last week, but still gently. Then it was easy, to carry on with it just once weekly for a couple of months. It was a great way to you know, sort of have a “program” with it.
      Now I have super heavy poles so it’s not the same 🙂 (And you know, California is sweat producing just grooming all summer) It’s still great stuff to squeeze in! They become so much more well rounded.


  2. Great to do caveletti work. This past weekend , since I as still not really feeling up to snuff I did the Tellington Fan ( 4 cavaletti in a fan shape with one end up on a stool or mounting block to raise one end and the other end on the ground.) I hand walked Biasini through them. Then I dropped the first and third pole to the ground and made the distances uneven. Well! He thought that was a puzzle which is the whole point. I spend so much time in the arena with good footing that giving him something to puzzle about where to put his feet and having to step up and over is a good change. Valiosa looks very good in the pics; nice knee and hock action and love the one where she is stretching down.

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    1. Yes, this!! This is part of why I’ve felt it’s so important to throw in a little bit of this here and there – once they reach the upper levels, there’s so much else to work on and it’s easy to forget the “just pick up your feet and watch the ground” stuff. I haven’t tried with the highly uneven distances with her yet – good point! I need to do it!

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    1. Makes me happy to see it! Eh, since she’s not always flexing all that impressively under saddle. I like to ride her over them, just to get the feel for how her body can really move…. Cool stuff 😉

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