Showing This Weekend?

If you are, wishing you a great time!

Valiosa will get in the showring this Sunday.  Just as fun every time!

I think we’re ready.  Probably not a good sign.  You’re supposed to feel like things are kind of shaky, but then pull off a great test anyway.  No?

We’ll have to see how it goes.  It’ll be a blast either way!

dressage blog
At the barn.

Last weekend at Mar Val Stables, Lodi – Alexis and Cariñosa in the warm up ring for Prix St. George. ⇓

warm up for prix st. george

They did great!!

With Gray Mare, I’ll be playing it safe in the lower levels for a while 🙂

The canter, easy(-ish) at home, trickier on the showgrounds…  Report on how it goes next week!downstride in canter

cantering more round

preparing for first level dressage

Before the show, we squeezed in a visit to veterinarian Dr. Linda in Clements.

A new mare at the barn needed some help, and in addition to injections I got to see body work, aqua acupuncture, and shock wave therapy.  Valiosa went too!

preparing for vet visit
At Dr. Linda’s

Great to see awesome quality joint images right then and there, and watch the ultrasound and a shock wave therapy session.  The aqua acupuncture effect, with muscle twitching was definitely interesting!

aqua acupuncture and shock wave therapy
Shock wave on a stifle.

Valiosa, bored and much less impressed with it all.

bored horse
– “Boooring.”

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  1. Just ride, it is all that counts. Don’t worry about being ready or not. Focus on the ride, forgetting about what you do well and the not so good.

    One more time, just ride. 🙂


    PS – Will chat with you in late August.

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