Mother’s Day Show Report

Beautiful day, wonderful horse!

This was her second time out at First Level, and she pulled it together really nice.

Solid and focused in the ring, prompt and attentive transitions.  Very happy with her!

I think it’s ridiculously fun to show.  Nerve-racking, but just so awesome to be there. Picture day as promised – starting right before the bell, suspiciously happy rider.

First Level Dressage Schooling show

Well, maybe that streak of 8’s on the halts is over, since she went rouge with her left hind, in both! 🙂

dressage salute with right hand

dressage salute with left hand

Only one test this time, again.  Definitely moving up to two of them next time – it’s the only chance to fix any mistakes in the same show!

trot lengthening on the diagonal

leg yield left

Leg yield.

spooking at the judges booth

Zero spooking at the judges booth.

stretchy circle dressage

Overall, thrilled with how she felt and behaved, it felt like a super test.  The judge felt she needed to be more forward and supple for an even higher score.  Agreed!  Total score at First Level Test 2, 63.13.

26 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Show Report

  1. Awesome! and how lucky that you enjoy showing. I loved getting the feedback from the judge but never enjoyed the whole show experience. Too much stress, too much hurry up and wait, too much outside our comfort zone. I do love clinics and lessons, though.

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  2. HOW WONDERFUL!!!!! 😀 Great job Valiosa and Elinor!!!!!! Valiosa looks just perfect!!! Really perfect, and like she’s enjoying herself as well…you’ve done such a great job with her, Elinor!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤

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      1. Once you have more miles with her in the show ring you will find the key to her “show” personality And then she will change the lock!. Just kidding. We’ve all been there.

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  3. Positive spin on the halt issue–as luck would have it, at lower levels there is only one judge, who is fortuitously positioned at “C” so that he/she can’t always see what the hind legs are doing! As long as you’re straight the odds are in your favor! You both looked great! I get the “needs more forward” comment all the time…except when she’s rushing, then I get the “needs to be on the aids” comment.

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  4. You guys look LEGIT great! Awesome job. I giggled at the rouge hind leg because the same thing happened to Clay and me once we got solidly into First Level…our perfect halts when to shit because we had other things to school and kinda forgot to practice those. 😛

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      1. Guess what…Second Level has halts in the tests (like in the middle of the tests), so we are back to practicing them in our rides. Turns out it’s very revealing if your pony has a hard time staying honest in the outside rein the whole time from trot to halt to trot again. 😉 And I had to remind myself to keep my legs on so there was no “swingage” in the hind end.

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