On The News Front – Staying

I will stay with Miss Gray Mare at this wonderful farm.

No question about it – she is very happy to be there.

horse sleeping in pasture

Early morning, sleeping rock formation.

The only problem – whenever you go someplace new, it always means leaving friends…

Still, how can I ever take her away from living like this?..

andalusian resting in pasture

Woke up Galana.  These horses have some serious sleeping-in schedules.

horse looking like dead whale when sleeping

Galana, her dead whale friend, and my feral looking thing in the top corner.

two resting horses in pasture

It’s going to be very interesting to see where I can take her in her training this year!

benefits of living in pasture

11 thoughts on “On The News Front – Staying

  1. ❤ gotta do what is best for them! Glad she is in such a wonderful place! Old friends are not going anywhere. You may not see them as often, but the true friends are not going anywhere! You will no doubt make great new friends. I bet you already have!

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    1. Yes, all true. And I’m having a LOT of fun with my trainer out at this place, so it’s been good for us both!
      Still. I hate to have to leave good friends, and wish there was a way we could make a 36 hour day… 🙂

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    1. Only negative side to it all is that Valiosa has become quite infatuated with living with her herd. Nothing bad, and in a way it has increased her energy in the arena, since she’s more “up” or at least alert, wanting to go back out to them. Still, right now it’s pretty silly how she won’t even eat grain in the barn after her workout just so she can go back out there quicker. Sigh. Or maybe I feed too boring stuff to her, no sugah!


  2. The Gray Mare looks, as usual, just adorable!!! ❤ ❤ I hope too that you and Valiosa will have a wonderful summer training together!!!!!!

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    1. Thank you much!! Where we are, it gets really HOT in the summers. A bit of a challenge, but I still plan on keeping things going strong and do well at a couple of shows!


    1. It is isn’t it!?
      I thought She would Just Be Here for one or two months while I healed from the surgery and conditions dried out in her Rain soaked home. Instead we are staying and I am also very lucky to have a good friend in my trainer here. Really nice for all , except I miss my old friends of course.


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