Arena Back Drops

Staying at the “new” farm means not being able to see good friends at the “old.”

So many good days together out there, and I’ll miss Nancy, my friend and partner in crime, a lot.ย  Have a feeling we still have some adventures together, just need to come up with a plan ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, honoring the wonderful, enigmatic backdrop of the covered arena at Twisted Oak.ย  It is absolutely magical – the colors and vegetation forever changing with the seasons.ย  A treat and an honor to ride there.

I know the beauty can’t come through in the pictures enough (it wasn’t the focus at all when they were taken.) but it can look like a piece of art sometimes when you’re there.ย  The twisty trees, the droopy tiny branches, the shadows, the moss, and the different leaves throughout the year…

So here goes, pictures from several different months!ย  Ignore the riding, just look at how the colors change throughout the year!

September heat.

"Elinor Yee"


Late fall.

"Dressage On A Dime"



young horse trot

loose rein walk



Andalusian cross mare


Late winter.

starting to leg yield at quarter line


Cantering on loose rein


Spring time March.

posting trot

easter egg color breeches

"Elinor Yee"

"Elinor Yee"



warm up canter before jumping

horse cantering with high neck



canter with grey mare


The never-ending summer.ย ย  August.ย  So hot you can taste it.

riding a horse in a mist of dust

cantering with seatbones out of the saddle


Early fall in September.

inspiration for riding dressage when things are not going well


December again.

leg yield from centerline

creating a longer neck

19 thoughts on “Arena Back Drops

  1. I love how different all of the back drops look, but especially love how much better the picture is with you and Valiosa in them…how boring they would look without you and your beautiful horse in them!!! โค โค

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    1. Yes!
      And I love hiking too! Mostly, I do long distance running around bike trails in the area here, with plenty of trees, but we also do a fair amount of hiking in the mountains. I like it all!

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  2. One thing about California oak trees–they don’t change a lot with the seasons. But you can certainly see the quality of the light changing. Speaking of light, you’ll have to make a new chandelier for the new place…

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    1. Yes, the Cali oaks (and several of the other trees too…) don’t get the wonderful fall color. Instead they have these really “twiggy” looking, very interesting, winter branches – I really like them!

      As for the chandelier – I’d REALLY have to up my game to make it fit in here. No glue gun skills will ever live up to it, and it would have to have a much grander scale.
      How can I handle the pressure!!!? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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