Missed Training Days

Hard to put a positive spin on them, right?

But it’s the only way to go.  Horses, and their owners, will continue to get sick or injured way too often.  A wonder we get anywhere at all,  and that we get as far as we do, between it all…

It’s a beautiful time of the year  (I say that all the time, except during REAL summer, which starts something like, tomorrow.), some extra rest is just fine, and all will turn out OK!  Just not sure how many days – weeks – we’ll miss this time.

Quick don’t-worry-break, view of the small pond on an overcast morning.

small pond at barn

Monday morning, after two days rest, Valiosa came out with a sudden serious cough under saddle.  Light canter, trotting, walking, didn’t matter.  No temperature, or other signs.

Tuesday, the same, during light lunging to see how she was doing, with some nasal discharge.  No swollen glands, still perky enough.

halter too far down on the nose
Hating on owner for making her wear the halter all droopy

Yep, she’s had her fall and winter shots.

Nope, no allergies before.

No change in hay (not even fed right now as the 24 hr grass is so rich.  Who would have ever thought that in California!), and no dust exposure.

No fever at all for three days in a row.  House vet didn’t find any swollen glands.  Standing by to see how this will pan out, absolutely no training for her for a while…

So – Healthy As A Horse.  Who came up with that?

Closing with this sign from construction site up our hill.

awkward last names

Would you buy a property from Mr. Lie big?

14 thoughts on “Missed Training Days

  1. Poor girl, I had same problem with Spice, and hives😱since I put her on platinum performance allergy it has gone away😎
    Mr LieBig needs to reassess his sign😂

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    1. Well, if this indeed IS an allergy, I’ll remember your advice and will look into every single thing that may help it look better! Seriously think she has some viral thing though that she picked up at the show… Ugh.
      Poor Mr. Liebig, I’m picking on him haha. Hugs to you Janet!

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    1. Gaaah! It’s one of those deep coughs you can hear a quarter mile away… I handwalked her a little bit on Thursday but as soon as she started breathing more it came back. Leaving her completely alone for 3 days, and then checking again Monday morning. Always something 😦
      I’ll just have to see it as an opportunity to completely rest up on all legs and the back. (But secretively I think she’s just going to get fat instead haha)

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  2. It’s always something, isn’t it? I’ve often had that same question about who came up with the “healthy as a horse” thing. Obviously had no idea what they were talking about. “Eat like a horse” yes, but healthy–not so much.

    Gotta say I love your little pond though! I was out by mine this morning shooting more pictures of swans. They’re usually on the far side but for some reason they decided to come over my way so I grabbed my camera and ran down to see what I could get. Haven’t had a chance to look at them on a big screen yet. Hope they look as good as they did in the camera!

    Tell Valiosa that Ms Sassypants feels for her. Get well soon!

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    1. I’ll go with the eat like a horse, yep, got two young boys at home that fits that profile 🙂

      Hope the swan pictures came out OK! Would love to see them if they’re good 🙂

      This is the little pond at the farm – it has already dried out over 10 feet down and will be reduced to a little puddle by summer. There’s a family of Canadian geese who had 7 babies there – they’re already close to grown size and I imagine they’ll move along to the big pond soon. Swans would be more romantic 🙂

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