1K Followers, A Special Day!!

Hard to believe we’ve come this far!

The blog’s got over 1000 followers.  With e-mail and Facebook followers on top of that.  How amazing and fun!

Dressage On A Dime A Horse For Elinor

Thrilled to have you along while I goof off with my horse!  Small horse blogs usually don’t get much attention – this is very encouraging and heartwarming!

Most amazingly, some of you have stayed on from the beginning, which makes it really special.  Thank you for checking in!

Today, opening up for a Questions & Answers Opportunity!

Surely at least two of you must have a question at this point!??

This is your chance – ask away below, then we’ll have a separate post to follow-up with answers!

Celebrating with some shots from over 3 years of writing and loving on the horses.

Happy Memorial Day!

25 thoughts on “1K Followers, A Special Day!!

  1. May many congratulations! I do not have any question but one. You have an amazing blog. Would you tell us how you became interested in blogging? Also, when did you start blogging? I said one question but I asked two. 🙂 Have a lovely day.

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    1. That one is a special one for sure. It was at her breeders, she had been brought in from pasture and put in a stall for a week while I thought over if I wanted to buy her. The picture was when I left, after she had accepted being touched just for a few seconds. She looked like she wanted to “have a person” after all… 😘

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  2. I don’t know if you have already talked about this back when, but what is V’s story? What is or was it about her that made you say I have to have this one?

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