Still Not Well

A bit longer break than hoped for.

Who ever wishes for a long break, or a break at all, anyway ?

Tomorrow, day 14 of no riding, not counting that 1 st day with a half ride when she first started coughing.

horse peeking out from behind tree


Everything else with her is just right; perky, no nasal discharge at all now, and of course still no fever, or she would have had a complete workup by now.  (Some serious weight gain though…)  She’s had a few light workouts from the ground and she doesn’t cough at all at the walk or trot.

I think we’re at the end of it.  Maybe there’s a fox tail embedded and inflamed somewhere…  She just doesn’t seem sick at all.  Dental is scheduled mid week next week, so the vet can take a good look in there then, and a blood panel if things stay the same.

horse next to shady trees


A few fun days, just because it’s nice to hang out together,  with long lining, both indoors and out.

long lining horse outdoors

Of course she’s been a superstar.  Fumbling back there with equipment is just fine with her.

Answers to questions coming up next time! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Still Not Well

    1. Yeah, I don’t know if she’s got one in there, but sometimes she does that move that dogs with a foxtail up their nose sometimes do… And then, next second, she looks all normal. Ghhhaaaa!

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    1. Wow, a place with no fox tails!!! Heaven. They are evil. Dangerous. Sneaky…
      Google some of the damage they do to animals. In dogs ears, noses, between toes…. in horses eyes and mouths…!
      Seriously do NOT like this specimen of weed 🤢😨

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  1. Hope it’s not a foxtail. We normally inspect the hay for foxtail and do a broad inspection of the grazing pasture.

    It is curious what’s causing the cough. At a hunter/jumper shows, it’s enough to get one banned. That’s how much they have tightened biosecurity.

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      1. I’d imagine one cough during the test would severely ruin the score for that movement. If there was a second one, the judge would probably ring the bell. (Or a third one for sure.)
        Which opens an interesting question for when they’d actually do it – I’ve never encountered this.
        Have to ask my judge peeps next week!

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        1. I saw Carl Heaters horse cough several times at the world Cup final in Las Vegas. He had to come in right after they’d set off fireworks in the arena ( indoor ) and it was still full of smoke. I don’t know how the judges marked that. Maybe your judge peeps might remember that. It was the first time they had the World Cup in Las Vegas so many years ago.

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    1. This is the Ultimate breeding ground for Foxtail. Something about the heat, the dryness, don’t know, but it is absolutely rampant here 😦 I neighbor had a dog who got it in his ear – he needed to have surgery, and now wears a very funky looking “headband” of sorts when out on the trails, to cover the ears, because he likes to sort of “tunnel through” everything. It’s SO invasive and pesky, a vet’s facebook page showed a nasty picture of where it had embedded into a horse eye.

      And yeah, I’d never dream of showing up at a show with her coughing… I refuse to ride at all.


    1. Foxtail is a barbed grass seed pod. Growing up, we call it stickers. It’s classified as a noxious weed.

      Foxtail in a horse generally results in ulcerations in the mouth. A horse is fairly smart about avoiding foxtail in their daily pasture grazing if they have a very good feed stocks. In hay, it’s best to inspect the hay before feeding. Foxtail in a dog, it’s an emergency trip to the vet. The only animal seemingly immune to foxtails are goats.

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      1. Thank you SO much for stepping up to the plate here David!
        I just came home today from scout camping with my oldest son (how cool is that, he wants me along!!!) and my poor blog is completely neglected this week. Summer… Busier times than ever, I love it!

        My addition to the evil foxtail is that it’s also virtually impossible to eradicate. It just comes back here! Mowing large areas before they go to pod helps, but some always poke right back up in the relentless Cali.Sun.
        I hate it as it manages to get stuck in socks, and then poke through the shoes and into the foot when you least expect it. It’s like it’s designed to be the ultimate, dried out, leach of a weed…


    2. Since David is awesome and rescuing me with a more timely answer (ghaah, summer, kids are HOME and we’re gone all the time!) I can fill in with that fly masks can do wonders for protecting their eyes all summer.

      And, most importantly, I rode her on Friday morning finally and she was good to go!!! So relieved. Pictures coming up!

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  2. Poor Valiosa!!!!!! 😦 Well, at least she is a bit better, and hey! everyone needs a break once in awhile, but I still know how disappointing it must be not to be able to ride for 2 weeks!!!!! ❤ ❤ XX to you and Valiosa!!!

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth!
      It’s been worrysome, but somehow, since she never lost the “spark” in her eye, I didn’t have to freak out too much. Friday she was finally much better and we rode. She was happy to work!! So glad, and hoping it will be the same tomorrow.


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