With so many activities, who’s got time to write…

Yes, there’s a life beyond horses, although I don’t write about it at all here.  Summing it up with the latest:  70 lovely and painful long distance miles on my shoes, and a beautiful 3 day scout camping trip to top it off.

Small wonder I’m still standing up.  Which I’m not – only non-ergonomically slouched on the couch.  Crunchy chocolate granola stuffed face.  Says on the bag you have to eat it until your mouth is scraped raw inside.  Or something like that.

riding with dogs in the arena

Valiosa finally stopped coughing and we rode Friday morning.  Pics sprinkled throughout from the happy ride in this post.  Today she was great too.  Phew!

turning on to centerline

Answers to earlier questions!

  • “Would you tell us how you became interested in blogging? Also, when did you start blogging?”

I rode other people’s horses for years.  Wonderful, but who doesn’t want their very own?  Bringing home La Prima, an American Warmblood mare was the trigger to start writing.  Horse ownership has been a dream ever since the first pony ride, decades later it was definitely exciting enough to create a little site around it.

First post went up in January 2014…  Half the posts from the first year are gone, but going forward everything is sticking around.

Never a huge blog reader myself, it has been really fulfilling, fairly easy, and I never imagined readers would reach out and be as encouraging as they have.  You are amazing!

azteca mare

  • ” What is the next step for you and Valiosa?”

Keeping expectations low, and ambitions modest, with most of everything, makes for almost no disappointment at all, and mostly small awe for how well and wonderful things are turning out 🙂

That said, now that I have just a bit more help with Valiosa’s training (We lesson 3-4 times/month instead of only once or possibly twice.  Makes a real difference!), I’m setting a long-term goal to make it through Third Level with her.  (AAAAH!) Huge, since I don’t really know how to teach it all to her…

Truly big things may not be in the stars for us – don’t have the resources for it, but we’re going to rock it in this little corner for all it’s worth!   Motivating any other adult amateur who considers themselves just “mediocre” along the way to shoot for something better!

I want to get there methodically, never just “winging” it, and want to always put her first – if it’s too much of a physical reach for her she’s not going to have to do it.  To be honest, the coolest thing would simply be to see her develop that little, tight, starting trot to something where she feels lush, supple, and powerful – knowing I brought her along to that on my own.

I ride for a wonderful trainer, planning to stay just as excited about riding as always, and to jump on any opportunity whenever it comes along!

gray half andalusian mare

  • What is V’s story? What is or was it about her that made you say I have to have this one?

Shamefully hanging head.  Not a conventional horse-shopping route.  (I just didn’t want to wait any more.  My gelding needed to retire to lighter work.)  There really wasn’t any big  -“This One!”  I hadn’t come across any other young horse that was A. Close enough, and B. Affordable.  With her, it was a pure gamble and leap of faith.

I wanted a young horse, without major conformation issues, with little to no strange-handling-history at all, at least 15.2 (which she wasn’t yet when I got her.) and a temperament where I could sort-of-safely back and train her on my own, and do fun things together with.

She’d been raised out, in a larger herd (major plus for long-term soundness.), and once they shuttled them all together, singled her out and got a halter on her, she stood still while I touched her neck.  (Everyone knows that’s all that’s required of a successful dressage horse.  Right.)

She seemed trusting from the start.  Looked very sound in a round pen.  She was not quite 3 1/2.  With her full siblings, 1 year older and 1 year younger, looking really good too, I took her home a couple of weeks later at Thanksgiving.  Christmas day she was ready for trail walks under saddle, sort of.

Maybe she just picked me?  (Ah, look at that fool, I’m going to leach off of her!)  Glad she did!

best horse blogs 2017My horse.

It’s absolutely wonderful.  Still.  Just to have one!

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8 thoughts on “Answers!

  1. Valiosa is a lovely looking mare. I am so glad to hear you will be able to get more training lessons. And you are right there is no “winging” it. In my training with Belinda the attention to detail, even the tiniest details, is paramount. I spent a whole lesson today doing flying changes on STRAIGHT lines and maintaining the frame ALL the time. If there was one change that was not absolutely straight or if he dived an inch after the change….do it again. I enjoy reading about your progress and am looking forward to more.

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    1. Loving it! You know she’ll see EVERYTHING, no sneaking and getting away with something 🙂
      Lately I’ve had a brief break in lessons, due to Valiosa first coughing, and now just scheduling issues. We also had a full day with a dental clinic.
      Missing the lessons!
      Today I audited a good clinician. Scary stuff! I was glad I didn’t ride…

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  2. Right there with Anne! So glad you are getting in a reasonable amount of regular lessons. Speaking of tiniest details, I spent my entire last lesson focused on keeping my elbows under control…sigh…

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  3. Thank you sooooo much, Elinor, for sharing all of this with us!!!! ❤ ❤ I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying being along with you on your journey, and I hope that you and Valiosa will continue to have a wonderful partnership together!!!! XX ❤ ❤

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    1. A work in progress, right!?
      What I enjoy is to look back on older pics, and see it get at least a tiny bit better each year. Difficult stuff, but in the end, it should pay off!!:)


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