Barn Hacks And Other Projects

Have a post on it?

Let’s see it!  It’s been a while since I had a good project, would love some ideas!

Or tell me about a barn/horse project, even if you don’t exactly have a post on it.  I want to make something! 🙂

We’ve talked about this before – I really don’t care for just “sitting around”.  A new idea to test would come in handy now!

There are a few small projects on my home page under the “Dressage On A Dime Tips” title, if you scroll down far enough.  You can see the level of difficulty there…Not Pinterest worthy.  Seriously, nothing advanced, and mostly with a glue gun, paint, or whatever..

Yes, very low-level project ideas are welcome:

Remember the Salt Stone Testing Station?   Zip ties and baling twine set the bar really low here:

Redmund rock, lick it refill, mineral salt block

Most of my projects turn out too plain ugly to be blog worthy.  Or they weren’t horse related.  From you – anything goes.  I need some ideas!

Some painful memories  to get things started –

Fleece saddle cover (Actually I love it.):

home made saddle cover


Homemade horse-measuring stick:

making your own measuring stick for horse


Textile material bridle wall-cover (to protect from new-wood sap) with bridle-hangers on magnetic hooks (to avoid making holes in new wood.):

tricked out tack room with bridles


Bigger project with help of hubby – 3 sided matted shelter and gate tree-planters made of painted feed buckets:

finished horse run in shelter

Yes, he’s awesome.

build a cheap horse shelter
She broke the window door like any good horse would.
window on three sided shelter


Crystal embellishment on leather boots:

adding bling to dressage boots


Makeover wood chandelier with horse-safe acrylic crystals for tack room:

makeover chrystal chandelier


Wood pallet mud-buster for out-door wash-rack:

how to prevent mud


Crystal bling brow band:

adding crystals to u shaped browband


Cheesy show whip:

dressage whip with crystals


There’s been more…

This is also very handy when you feel your horse kind of sucks, and you’ve got no tools to fix it.  – “Hello!!?  It’s your OWN riding!”  Well, a diversion.  Just saying.  For others, there’s tack shopping.  But pointing that out would be so snarky.

Need new ideas!

14 thoughts on “Barn Hacks And Other Projects

    1. I love it Olivia! Impressive, nice organization of that page too – well done!!
      I love the wooden stall sign, both of them actually – the string art really stands out!
      So much fun with all of this!

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    1. So flattered you liked it Jan! I had a blast making this for my friend. It belonged to her dad, and had been laying out sort of half exposed for a long time, cracking in the wood. I like projects like that – there’s almost no way to go wrong – it already is beat up, and anything done to it will only make it better 🙂
      Good fun, and I think just about every tack room needs one!


  1. Tack room chandelier is a must have! Love it. One idea; I once saw dome citronella strips that could be velcro attached to the sides of the bridle for hacking in fly season. Several of us tried to find where to buy them but they were no longer available in Canada. They worked well for annoying flies that buzz around the horse’s eyes and ears. Maybe there could be a way to make some ?

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    1. Devious flies here though. I’m wondering if it would be strong enough with citronella to keep them away…
      But hey!! Any idea is worth trying!! And I happen to have self gluing Velcro strips at home from other projects. Worth a try!!!!


    1. How fun that you like the boots! They still look great, although as soon as I start using them as everyday schooling boots, and abuse them, of course that will change…


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