When Your Cargo Load Is Very Valuable

Expensive car trunk load for a day.

These four saddles – Now available through Stoppani Saddles.  They should all find a happy new home soon!

turning in saddles for consignment

Also sharing my trainer, at the end of a long journey to bring a particular, beautiful chestnut stallion, Fenix XXXIII, to Grand Prix yesterday.

after grand prix debut
Not my picture – ripped it blatantly from Michelle!

He had a fantastic début at this pinnacle level, after 6 years of training with her and a devastating, possibly-career-ending injury just a year and a half ago.

Proud of them both!

Inspiration Sunday!

8 thoughts on “When Your Cargo Load Is Very Valuable

    1. Super nice saddles – I’m glad they’re all stored somewhere other than with me now 🙂

      Fenix will go again in the GP next month – she’d like to qualify for the CDS championships, which are right up here in our neighborhood this year. Exciting if they make it!!


    1. I’ll tell you the secret to why he had them, and not the double french braid he normally has at shows (super thick Andy stallion mane. well, you may be familiar…) – he’s rubbed out a huge tuft of mane on his neck! Very inconvenient of him to decide to do that this year, again…


    1. I just love it. So many times we hear of all the horses that never make it through a big injury, and it’s so gloomy. This is a GREAT example of how strong they can truly be, and how exceptionally well things can turn out sometimes! 🙂


  1. CONGRATULATIONS FENIX!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Yes, I would have to say that is one high-quality load of cargo!!!! 😀

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