Crazy Heat Week

It’s ON!

As soon as the heat sets in, Gray Mare shows up to work looking like a dead rat. Poor baby.

horse sleeping in cross ties

Who would work a horse in weather like this..?  Half the U.S raise their hands.  The rest shake their head.  I’ve got one foot in each boat.

bridling tired horse

Truly, she falls asleep as soon as she comes in to the cross ties.  And yes, this is before 10 am.

preparing to ride in heat

Luckily, she perks up once we get going.

This will be an interesting week… Wide tree SDL has been upgraded to an even wider all new County.  We’re going to ride, and sweat, and maybe, possibly, still feel even better.  Yay!  Both of us.  (Say it loud and then it’s true.)

riding in hot weather

Oldest boy – off to week #2 of adventure.  Youngest boy, stuck at home with me.  Later this week, some blurry riding shots from him.

avoiding heat exhaustion with horses

Stay cool and have fun with your horses in the heat wave!

24 thoughts on “Crazy Heat Week

    1. I like doing that too when it’s just too grueling!
      Rode a Friesian for some time, and I started that with her in the early spring already 😉
      Come to think of it, I need a hosing too…


  1. We’re giving our herd at Sunrise Horse Rescue buckets of “pellet tea” — a wee scoop of regular hay pellets or Safe Choice soaked in lots and lots of water — to try to keep them hydrated and stave off colic. Meanwhile, no “dead rat” was ever so well groomed as your gray mare! She has a better pedicure than I do 🙂

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    1. Yes to the Mash, to soup, or in your case, tea!! (love it, never heard it called that)
      And thank you for noticing her “cleanliness”. Ugh. Gray horses… Glad you can’t see the back side, blackish tail. They’ve got tar weed in the pasture and unless she has a shampoo every 2 days her tail looks like she’s a chainsmoker 😦
      (Nope, not shampooing every 2 days)
      You’re right, I think pedi looks better than mine too 😉


  2. Yep. I am now riding around 6:45 a.m. or so and trying to by done before 7:30. It was 90 when I left the barn this morning, and it’s 107 right now with a couple more degrees to go. We have a show on Sunday up in Tehachapi (at about 3,800 feet) where it will be only 88. Sounds cool, but at that elevation, it’s no better than the valley’s heat. Oh, and I ride in the afternoon. :0)

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    1. You are so good for getting on early!!! I have such a filled morning schedule, and with my extreme barn commute, it’s a wonder I actually show up by 8:30 on a good day. Hold on to those early morning rides – they’re gold worth!!
      And the show!!!! Can’t wait to hear about it! Don’t melt 🙂


  3. Oh that poor mare, how could you make her work? Cruel mother. Actually, she’s spanish so she “should” be loving the heat, right? Yeah, well, maybe not so much heat. Congrats on the new saddle, by the way! Which County did you get? They are great saddles.

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    1. It was a BIG step with the saddle. So many doubts, but it fits her, so that was the only way to go. I have a super long thigh and always end up horridly cramped in every saddle I ride in. Now I’m in a 18″, huge, but this is the way to go. It’s a County Perfection, but with internal, not external rolls. They’re removable, so we’ve taken the big ones out and replaced them with smaller ones. Later next week I will try some even smaller rolls, and then decide which ones to get.
      Tough, because I’d really like to “fit” and sit just right, but that would entail a custom order with forward flap. So, I’ll have to just ride “unsupported” 🙂 Happy days!


      1. Hmmm, some day you will have to try to find a saddle with extra long flaps for your long femur. It might look a little strange on her, but you will be more comfortable with the correctly sized seat (probably 17.5″) and long flaps. That’s what I have, although I could use normal flaps – it’s just what the (used) saddle happened to be. It works fine for me as my femurs tend to be a tad long, too, but I can go either normal or long flaps. I LOVE the county perfection, very comfy saddle. Hope it continues to work well for you and the mare for a long time!

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        1. Future dream – a saddle made just for me 🙂 Still scored really well with the County though, it’s virtually brand new, give or take some test rides! So happy!
          But, yeah, I’d love a forward flap of some sorts one day, so I don’t have to ride in a huge “18”. Oh well.
          My plan is definitely to stick with this County Perfection for some time – going to try some even smaller knee rolls (as they detach) and then just settle in and, well, ride 🙂 Sitting trot is now a possibility.
          How is your beautiful Star doing!!!!?


  4. I loved panning through the pictures—it made me think of those before and after pictures you see, with Valiosa looking about ready to drop dead in the first one, and then looking cute as ever and ready to go in the last one!!! 😀 ❤

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    1. It’s like she had a “makeover”. Although all she did was walk out of the dreaded, boooooring cross ties several feet down the isle to the door. Where things, and life in general, looks so much better to her. Mares…


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