Waiting For A…

Magical ride.

It’s been a while.  I’d like to have one.  Please.  It will happen.  Sure of it.  Any day now.  Many of us waiting, right? 🙂

While waiting, sharing some lily pads.  Since this picture was taken, another 4 feet of the small pond has dried out.

This one, is for Alli.

lilly pads in pond

She writes at Alli Farkas Artist Adventures, with lots of much more special lily pads…  Take a peek if you like.

OK, this morning was a pretty steep trail ride, easier tomorrow.  Maybe Friday will be that “special” day, where more things feel like they click…

I’m ready!

starting the sitting trot

dressage blog

8 thoughts on “Waiting For A…

  1. It’s a couple of days that I follow your blog…I am a rider and a breeder in Italy, so normally inclined to horse world. I really like your covered riding yard [don’t know whether is there a more appropriate way to call it :)]

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    1. I like it too! It’s very spacious, has GGT footing, and the exact size dressage court set up inside, very helpful.
      Pretty much all the courts here in California are open, it’s so hot. I’d be curious to see how they look in Italy. I’m familiar with Northern European arenas, and Spanish ones, but that’s it.

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    1. That’s right Jan. No matter how paltry the ride, I still always appreciate it, and enjoy it.
      Today, perhaps even a little less – I’m sure you’re having a heat wave too out there, but here in the foothills, it’s absolutely unbearable!


  2. Gee, thanks for the shout-out 😁 My lily pads only look special because I paint them. The originals out there in the pond look very much like yours! We have had some rain finally–needed it. The outdoor ring has been a total dustbowl. Apparently rain in the Midwest has an unusual amount of nitrogen in it. The rhubarb has gone ballistic. BTW–horse show this weekend. Shouldn’t even mention it. Could jinx everything…

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    1. They still amaze me that they survive – lukewarm, greenish still-standing water, less by the day, and BAKING sun from before 6 until it goes behind the trees after 8…

      Show time!!! Excited for you! Go in for it with some flare, and enjoy just being there. I think it’s a bit of a party every time – just actually making it to a show 🙂
      Standing by for report.


  3. Ah yes, exactly!!!! I had a “magical ride” a few weeks ago—if only every ride could make you come away from it feeling so on top of the world!!! 🙂 But hey! it is not going to happen each time, but we still love it just the same… ❤

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    1. You’re absolutely right – every once in a while we hit the jackpot and things feel just right, and there’s hope that we’re actually getting better. (Sure, not going to happen very often, but at least it keeps us going right?) 🙂


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