Better Fitting Saddle = Everybody Happy

Glad it’s over, actually.

Saddle fitting and testing, time-consuming.  And then you’re always second guessing if you’ve made the right decision.  Right?!

Even if she’s not done going wider yet, at almost six, we’ve still got some space with this tree, so we should be all set.

county perfection with internal rolls


test riding jrd saddle
Testing, and mostly bombing around, in the JRD. With a good hind leg coming through. Thank you Barbara!

That’s the end of Monday’s post – have a great start on your week!

Reads later this week are about to become much more serious…  Well, you’ll see.

10 thoughts on “Better Fitting Saddle = Everybody Happy

    1. A little bit over the top happy there in the second pic 😉
      Clearly not working hard enough as a rider that day. I know you work with some rescue Jan, are you ever getting some saddle time? Bet you’d like it, if there ever is time.


  1. Awesome!!! Glad you got the saddle fit!!!!! 🙂 🙂 I LOVE how happy you and Valiosa look in the second picture….that laugh!!! Love it!!! ❤ ❤

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    1. I’m such a derp 🙂 Having way too much fun with her sometime. Usually I’m just bursting out because my boys are way too silly when they come out to visit, filming and taking pics.
      Very happy to have us all set with the saddle for a long time.

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    1. Yes! And I’m secretly happy I can fit my little sheepskin pad in under there again 😉 Once/if she goes even wider, we can just take it out. SO glad and relieved to be set for a long time. Oh, well, right, since it’s basically new, I’ll have to have another fitter adjustment in some 3-4 months.


  2. Ive got to book the saddler for next month last time I had the saddler out Eva decided to show off and deck me! 🙈😂 But once I got back on she was moving really well in it so I ending up buying!

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    1. I think that’s the rule when the fitter comes out, no? – Horse is supposed to be absolutely wonky and make you look like you mostly just play around, or worse, barely know how to ride. Well, at least that’s what happens in my case.
      Had a fitter out once when my gelding managed to have giant hives for the first time that day. He would barely move! Especially after the third adjustment and we brought him out again… Good times 😉
      Best of luck on your next fitting. Stay on!!

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  3. Hi there,

    Hope you’re handling the heat well. Today was our real hot day, but we’re in between shows. Everyday, so far, has started with a good dose of the marine layer which keeps the lid on temperatures. Tomorrow is sort of the fan appreciation day, which is always lots of fun. This week will be our last week before heading home, time flies. Glad you found a good saddle. We hope those serious posts, later this week, aren’t too serious.

    Stay well.

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    1. David! Been thinking about you and the girls! I know you’ve been in SoCal, and hope it was cooler than here even in the later parts of the day. We’ve had some real dozy days…
      Better now, and everybody’s used to it. Well sort of 😉 Who ever gets used to being soaked in sweat…
      I’m stoked with the new saddle, seat improvements will follow. And new will be discovered – the backside of dressage 🙂
      Next post Will be serious, but perhaps mostly because it’s way more wordy than my usual posts. Poor blog is on a back burner.
      All is well – I’ve just added back another way to burn the candle from both ends.
      When I turn 50 I’ll slow down! (There’ll be no choice.)


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