Training, Going Back And Forth

Riders, we all fall in that hole sometimes.

Improving some, and then almost without noticing it, going backwards in the training.  Several rides start cropping up where you’re wondering – just what happened?

Gray Azteca Mare Dressage
Miss Valiosa, all dapples and swirls in early spring, going really well here and there.

For a while we were working on other things but now, back to basics.  Simple transitions from free walk, to walk, (how hard can it be!?) to trot, canter, back to trot.

Without someone saying Neh, I’m going to counter flex, brace and push back, fall out, resist, move like an insect, or anything else creative.

gray half andalusian mare dressage

Going to buckle down on that for a couple of rides, bringing my first level horse back to where we were.  Let you know how it goes.



Tiny bit less noise from this blog lately, right?  Almost quiet.

There’s a tight, tight, schedule of, something else…  I’ve run out of hours.

Look in any category, and find wonderful writers with so much to say, well thought out words and intricate patterns of sentences laced just so, evoking just what they were intended to.

It takes a lot of patience to create, I’m sure.  An art.

Before running out of hours, I really enjoyed stumbling on posts laying it out there, sharing absolutely unique stories, heartbreak, struggles, and interesting twirls from lives in posts of so many various forms.  Inspiring or painful reads, fleshing themselves out in snippets available to any one up late having a hard time falling asleep.

This site keeps it Short and Straight, with horses and horse training, not all that personal. 

But you’ve been around for so long we’re becoming friends.  Thought I should tell you why it’s been a little more quiet.  Nothing illegal, sure.  Just many hours each week directed on something, else.

Unfaithfulness.  Fill you in this weekend.


learning to canter on the bit

14 thoughts on “Training, Going Back And Forth

  1. Even the Grand Prix riders know you have to return to the basics now and then. Without the foundation the house crumbles. What’s difficult is accepting that, in my case at least, the Princess has a hard time with the basics in the first place. Just about every movement in our 1-3 test garnered the comment “stiff”, “tight” or “needs to be more supple”. Yeah, I know that. My trainer knows that. My horse doesn’t care!😏

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    1. This is the enigma of dressage, no? So incredibly difficult to get the basics just right. And when you do, you have to reestablish again the next day. Drives me crazy!
      Yeah, stiff tight, needs more supple – in everybody’s comment field… Until we finally get it 🙂 Heading out to show this weekend. Hmmm. Will be interesting 🙂

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    1. Love it Jan!
      Your wish is my command 🙂 Got a slew of new pictures I just can’t wait to share! Just need the time to actually write. And then there’s a show this weekend, so I might have to delay and share the results of that first to of course.
      I admire you for taking and making the time to write and publish!


  2. I totally understand that. Been there. Still kinda am there. Hang tough, it only lasts so long. Ebb and flow, man, ebb and flow. Riding and horses as in life.

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    1. Yes – the back and forth, no!!!? Drives us crazy sometimes 😉 Today was a decent ride, she stayed with the program. Hoping a day off for 4th of July isn’t going to ruin it all 😉
      Thanks for the encouragement Avery!!

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        1. Love it that a good lesson can often sort of “reset” things, and offer some new tools. Last couple of rides have been better. Which only means, of course, that they’re about to go South again 😉

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          1. If I could, I’d lesson much more often, of course. But at least I’ve improved from 1, or perhaps 2 lessons per month, to almost weekly instead. Makes a huge difference. Still, we’re never happy right? 🙂 Always want to get better…

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