Showtime On Sunday!

Gray mare will make it to the showring again this weekend.

Half the accomplishment right?  Just making it there; fit, healthy, ready, paperwork in order, time and money and transportation in place.  Just as happy every time it works out!

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My wonderful supportive husband may just show up and take pictures again in one of the tests. Not sure we need any more geeky ones like this 🙂

Same venue, Valiosa has been there many times over and will act like the pro she isn’t.

calm dressage horse at show

If we make it to another show location next time, I’ll have to be ready for a lot more tension.  Hopefully less than in Lodi, where she bolted and we almost left the ring.

Sunday, she’ll go in First Level Test 2 and First Level Test 3.  Bit of a stretch there with Test 3 but some time has to be the first.  Fun times!


Go Gray Mare!

dressage horse on the bit

19 thoughts on “Showtime On Sunday!

    1. Thank you Jan! Sure hope so 🙂
      We’ve been spectacular in, well, other ways, in some shows.
      This time I’d like to impress with precision, nice flow and energy, and invisible aids. Haha, we’ll see how that goes!


    1. That’s my husband, he is SO sweet that he cares to drive down to stand in the baking heat and take pictures. Luckily, this venue is a close drive for him, once we go other places I know he won’t come out.

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    1. Yay for us! Have fun with it Teresa. I know you’ve worked really hard for this. Be proud. Would be a blast to actually be at the same venue! Yep, hubby would take pics, I’d help hold your horse 🙂
      Have fun!!!


    1. Alright! Several of us bloggers are showing this weekend – how fun!!! Stay the course, shoot for 6’s, and who knows, maybe she’ll surprise you? These mares, they seem to always have a little surprise up their sleeve…
      Go for it Alli! Are you doing solo showing, or are you bringing your whole gorgeous Q Team?


    1. Deborah! Thank you!
      I’ve even got a new stocktie, for good luck, although it’s in that same dressage-white color 😉 But with nice material!
      Hoping we’ll click together in the ring and ride just like we can at home sometimes.


  1. Yay team gray mares! For my own gray lady and myself, half the accomplishment is making it to the show…the other half is staying in the ring during the test 😉
    Best of luck at the show!

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    1. Thank you!! Same for me – I don’t have a truck or trailer, so showing is done when I can get a ride to the showgrounds, although I have trained her to load well, so at least that’s not a problem.
      The staying in the ring… We’ve had two tests where we almost left. Maybe 3. Hoping that’s over now 😉


    1. Hi!!
      Thank you!
      Really happy with it all. Now I really wish I could get her out and school more and learn to ride her just as good away from home. But we’re always wishing for something right 😉


    1. It did – feeling very grateful and lucky to get to go out there in the showring. It can be really hard just to make it to a venue, I know this is true for many. Happy someone cares to bring us along!!


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