6 Years Old!

Gray Mare turning 6.

No big party, don’t think she expected one either, but we will have a full week of riding.

horse birthday

Early August she’ll probably have some straight 8-9 days off.  Until then, we’ll continue to work on improving on – well, all the stuff that needs improvement 🙂

She’s grown up to be a much stronger, developed, and “almost mature” young horse.  Well, although at a trail ride last week she flared her little temper;  stomping and pawing impatiently with her front leg when she had to stand again to open a gate.  Not very mature…

Happy Birthday, strong-willed mare friend!

6 year old horse

celebrating birthdays for pets

10 thoughts on “6 Years Old!

    1. Hehe, David! I should have known – you’ll always side with the girl. (Her, not me.) That was pretty much her words exactly – leave the darned gates open! (We had 4 to open and close in less than 1 hour walk ride.)
      Only that all those cattle would escape then…
      A few more days, and I’m feeling ready to post some more arena riding pictures!


      1. We’ll be heading to Iowa next Monday, so it’s a short practice week for the girls. Two weeks there, back home for three, then out back to Texas for an invitational. They sort of know they’ll be riding the nationals in Las Vegas again.

        After Iowa, Deborah said she’ll help you a bit with a couple of your problem spots. In the meantime, she says stay with your normal practice routine, drill some of your problem areas on how it should go then back off, and ride a practice test level. When you’re riding the practice test level, just ride it and not worry about hitting your elements.

        I shouldn’t ask, is that silver in your hair? 🙂

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        1. Busy show schedule for all of you!
          Las Vegas will be very exciting of course. More pressure, to improve, and to perform – but I know they’re loving every minute of it. Fingers crossed for every one!

          I think there’s a contract for all Cali girls to go platinum in summer. You sign or something like that once you settle in. (Can’t remember, been too many years.)
          I just have to keep up with the crowds 😉


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