Prestige Anatomic Girth

The Prestige – a nice, extremely well made and plush anatomical girth.

Loving it, and it’s everything it’s made out to be in product descriptions and other reviews!

Just as soft and pliable as the Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth, and actually plusher.

Prestige Anatomic Girth Review

Slightly shallower than the County Logic, which was good since it avoids that open “gap” at the front that can occur on some horses depending on their girth grove.

My horse doesn’t need the “super deep” curve and the Prestige (from Prestige Italy) fits great!Prestige anatomical girth review

This girth replaced my Delfina Anatomical girth.  Sadly.  While the Delfina started out great, the underside (touching the skin about 1/3 in from the ends of both sides of the girth) cracked in much shorter time than expected.

With just regular use and good conditioning and cleaning it should have held up longer.  Just a heads up, since I published a review on it when it was new and liked it so much then…

Side-Tip for the Prestige:  Some buyers mentioned a too long distance from the billet buckles to the single billet keeper.  The billet keeper sits a full inch lower on the Prestige than on some other girths I’ve seen.  A problem if you ride on the 3rd or 4th hole on the billets, like me, as the billets won’t reach down to be tucked in to the keeper.

It’s really not an issue at all, since the keepers can be tucked into the space right below the buckles instead.  Tidy and no flapping around.  Just thought it was worth mentioning, if you’ve got your eyes on the luscious Prestige girth!

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Ending today with a shot of the newest arrival in the barn – Cabella.  She likes to wear her food.

horse with hay on the head

14 thoughts on “Prestige Anatomic Girth

  1. Although I don’t own anything from this brand, Prestige makes their products well. I remember the quality of leather from working at Dover Saddlery part time many moons ago. To keep their leather clean, I recommend a cream based leather cleaner. Also neatsfoot oil doesn’t bode well with their supple leather so keep clear of oils! Ride & Be Well!

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      1. Thank you! And it was a blast! The discount was very nice 😉 I enjoy your posts. I’ll be writing more about my horses from the barn management / horse keeping on a budget slant as I merge my blogs together. I hope you’ll stop by some time! In the meantime, ride and be well!

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  2. I’m very interested to see this. I have a Fairfax anatomic girth that was originally advertised in 2012 before the London Olympics and the British “Secret weapon”. Biasini likes it and the shoulder freedom really works well. I have a Prestige saddle which I really like. The Fairfax girth has also cracked , like your previous girth, and after only 3 years of use. I always keep it clean and conditioned so this is a disappointment. So I will take a look at the Prestige as a replacement. Thanks for the review.

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    1. Highly recommend this one – the Prestige has a pretty solid track record, I think you’ll like it.
      That said, three years of use will probably show some heavy wear, maybe tiny cracks, don’t know yet. The Logic from County will definitely crack with heavy use. My Delfina looked way too old way too early – and after just using it on one horse per day. Not impressed
      If you get your hands on it, you’ll find that the Prestige feels more “solid” vs the Total Saddle Fit Solution girth for instance. I consider that a good thing, but both girths are really good.
      I’m focusing on being very gentle with cleaning this one now, especially when doing the inside. Should last longer without cracking if not bent “the wrong way” for a few strokes with a sponge each time…


  3. I went and bought the Prestige girth today. I took a good look at my Fairfax yesterday and it is close to having cracks that will pinch Biasini. And my coach’s assistant told me that her Fairfax girths are going the same way. That is not good considering they are expensive at $500 (Canadian) plus tax etc. So I am looking forward to the Prestige. The local tack shop where I bought it likes it much better than the Fairfax.

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    1. Alright! You went for it! I’m feeling useful somehow here now 🙂
      The Prestige isn’t exactly low priced either… But, still fairly affordable and the Quality seems to outshine most. Happy riding in it!!!

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